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    Sounds like you tried to practice what you preach with work by setting up the factory and it all went wrong. Sorry to hear that.

    Yes. The problem was it actually went too well. Then it went very wrong as a result. This is not straightforward.

    I agree with the shady money problems but globalization even with its crappy funding and boom/bust is still lifting lots of people our of poverty.

    I have a more complex view on this as on one hand, it does lift people out of poverty, but at what cost? To have nothing to do and be struggling to survive is a horrific condition that no-one on this planet should have to endure, but at the same time, to be working at some pointless task for peanuts with a life so bad that you want to commit suicide just so that the developed world can get it's iphones or cheap clothes is not an uptick.

    One problem is that we try to impose a capitalist western model onto the rest of the world and call it progress, reduce people to economic entities and justify it with the argument that instead of having little or no income, they instead have a marginal income of a couple of bucks a day that allows them to stay just enough alive so they can keep making iphones until they contract cancer from the toxic waste dumped in their environs by western backed industrial activity that would not be allowed to occur in western nations.

    I don't see those models last forever, (hi Marx!) at some point you run out of low wage countries. By then we could have a global middle class...or global 1% Vs 99%...

    I agree. It's a corrupt model. Automation is the solution, but in which technology is shared globally and interdependencies unravelled. Standards of living do not have to suffer as a result of this, converge through the bottom rising up, and geopolitical tension reduces as a result of removing huge imbalances and reducing competitive interests.

    But that may take a lot of work from all of us as the system is pretty broken ATM.

    Yes. We all need to care and we all need to understand the true problems, act where we can, and to hold those trying to avoid such action or continue perpetuating these wrongs and increasing peril to account.

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    Robots are cheap where a task can be automated and way more cost effective than humans. They lack the ability to do anything other than what they are set up to do and lack the versatility and ability to respond to the unforeseen as humans.

    Automation is potentially a very good thing. Throughout history this has been happening, particular key inflection points of increasing productivity are things such as the industrial revolution where machines were implemented to undertake previously manual tasks, or the personal computer with regard to non-manual tasks. Jobs were lost, jobs were created. The net effect in theory is that it raises the level of the human component of activity.

    The main areas I see problems arising are

    1. the concentration of ownership of automation i.e. the benefits of a potentially good thing for humanity are not socially dispersed but merely result in a further polarisation of wealth
    2. related to the above, but a total insensitivity to the impact that automation has on those directly adversely impacted (although this is unfair to broadbrush as I have read of firms who have protected jobs and admirably reinvested in training and increasing the skills of their employees)
    3. a long lag time between the direct impact of such restructuring and the reskilling, acquiring/ furthering knowledge, effective capture of increased human potential which in part lies with the drive for such advances from bottom line concerns rather than a gov't led and planned approach which develops the correct framework in parallel to help people and society transition
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    Good for you. Interested to hear.


    I will post something at some point, but I am carefully considering my words as I do not the truth about everything that happened, and other people are affected by the consequence of whatever I say. Basically, I love people, love the world, and it hurts me deeply the way things are and the things we are capable of when we become consumed by the bad potential of our nature. Unfortunately, when we try to be the good side, we do encounter the worst and whatever the truth about the world/ nature of our reality, there are some pretty dark, scary and incomprehensible things out there.

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    My understanding of Brexit support is that it is from people who have been failed by the societal structure we've had through a period of relative prosperity. They have been onlookers as everyone bangs on about that stuff, while their situations haven't changed and/ or gotten worse, and that sentiment could come from bitterness i.e. stop ignoring us it's not just about that, or it could come from a position of detachment and observance of that collective insanity.

    Our misery is internal and that is a challenge for everyone of us as it lies in the fact that we are spiritual as well as physical beings. Our external conditions are affected by real world stuff, like Brexit and its consequences, and are situations we have to deal with. The selfishness of society and those who are in a position to make or influence change are a problem.

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    People are manipulated through fear or greed. Greed has worked while it's been possible to print money, keeping everyone focused on 'keeping up' and getting more. That game is over. (When you have central banks buying the debt of their own countries to prevent bond prices from collapsing and ruining their ability to fund themselves, something's beyond wrong). Unfortunately, the money printed has further inflated asset bubbles and the economies have only gotten by as a result. The stimulus is gone at the same time as long anticipated macro factors change in influence.

    The snowball has reached the bottom of the mountain. So, its time for fear-mongering. Immigrants. Men with beards. Anyone who isn't like you. Other countries. Anyone but the people with the wealth, the power and the influence to actually change things. Everyone's ignorance is their advantage.

    I was recently asked whether I'm not scared about all those Muslims wanting to make Sharia law in UK?! The friend of this woman who has similar views and loves Trump was lost for words when she found out a lovely man from her work who she'd been friends with for years was not just a foreigner, but actually a Muslim from Palestine. Breaking down misperceptions, one person at a time anywhere you can has to be part of a fight back.

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    Thanks. Interesting answer and a lot in there.

    First, I did quit a very successful career (as a proprietary trader at global investment bank) with no idea what to do (in a position of privilege at the time) as I realised that I was part of something I believed to be inherently evil. Subsequently, I invented something, patented it, developed the manufacturing tech to manufacture it, developed the products, set up a factory all in UK. I could have sold out/ given up control for large investment, but I had a social objective with the project. Refused to play ball with 'the system' and have effectively been unofficially exiled by the establishment after being terrorised/ attacked in every way imaginable. I ended up homeless and penniless on foreign soil.

    Capital in wrong hands. Yes, it is the root of all the problems and unfortunately, there are covert networks that control everything and ruthlessly defend this interest irrespective of the consequences for millions (and billions) of lives.

    I think it is possible to make a structure that works, but it does require that gov't represents an electorate and is not subservient to the direction of corporations/ a shadowy elite.

    Globalisation is poised to unravel - the heightening geopolitical tension is a consequence. It's been founded on sustainable fallacies - the massive external deficits of USA, UK etc, fractional reserve banking, the invoicing of oil to prevent a collapse of the USD, the exploitation of overseas populations, exploitation of natural resource and abuse of environment, demographic influences which are now waning and reversing, absurd interdependencies and abandonment of real security (food, secondary activity etc).

    The wheels are coming off and the choice is one of either what is happening right now, which is a shadowy elite heightening tensions, creating domestic unrest everywhere and shifting focus of general populations away from the true problem, and obfuscating a necessary collapse with conflicts/ emergency conditions internally .. or, re-globalise in an altruistic manner which means working towards levelled global standards of living, sharing technology and co-operation rather than competition.

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    Thanks. I'm pretty cynical about the majority of media as to anyone with an ounce of intelligence and the ability to think critically, it's been painfully obvious for a very long time that not only is it biased, but interviews etc are almost always led in a manner that tries to steer thinking and opinion. Its actually incredibly sinister when you consider the co-ordination across the whole.

    How much has the general public been dumbed down? It's hard to say, but the reality is that lies cannot stand in the face of truth - which is why there is desperation to control everything from media to discourse on the web. If you see the link posted a few days ago from Congress in which a young Congresswoman does the same thing, but from a position of justice and truth regarding how corrupt the system is, the same method of leading and dumbing stuff down so anyone can get it, works - and the lie is obvious for what it is.

    So, I think it is incredibly important for everyone to not react in anger, nor to resign themselves to apathy, but rather to help everyone who is being misled and manipulated to see things for what they are and free them from becoming instruments of whatever these hidden agendas are.

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    It is interesting. It sparks hope that the whole thing will get shelved if Brussels hold out as she keeps banging on with deaf ears.

    The cynical part of me thinks that a close aide talking to loudly next to a reporter is a set up, in which case it adds up to trying to smokescreen what may actually be going on which is what everyone fears - Brexit will happen regardless and if you don't accept her deal, its crash out anyway.

    Parliamentary control is desperately needed.

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    I don't know what the breakdown of value in there is, but that seems to be a fairly significant concentration of reliance on oil (products under chemicals may be a derivative too).
    (If UK leaves, there seems to be a significant risk that Scotland breaks apart and that opens the question re the contribution of oil).

    The problem with the optical exports from the UK - say vehicles for example - is that it is the result of plant operated by overseas, global corporations and from their perspective, a flexible location decision as they only care about profit/ shareholder returns.

    The UK has some pockets of incredible engineering and skills, but these need to be leveraged on a much broader basis and within a framework of domestically owned entities ( - preferably employee owned). The announced exits, and threats of, from major auto manufacturers in the last weeks underscores the vulnerability the country has to its industrial activity being outside of its control. Take back control should equate to rebuilding national security through the re-development of domestic capabilities as per Germany.

    We also need everyone to wake up to the lie that life is not an economic statistic, about maximising wealth, or optimising economic conditions.

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    Very well put, and interesting colour. The German Mittelstand model is exactly what is required, but the legacy of I guess 4 or 5 decades of short-termist policy concerned with electioneering and polarising wealth has resulted in a massive thinning of the skill and knowledge base required and pretty much a total lack of development of the most valuable technologies that Germany, Japan, Scandinavia etc have massively advanced and sell to the industry here that actually does something.

    A restructuring is possible, and it is possible to significantly reduce the lead time for that development (I might write more about this elsewhere at some point), but for success on a national basis requires top down commitment for successive terms of gov't and confronts a massive vested interested in the moronic, and fragile economic structure that prevails (such as a a retail industry built on consumer credit and strangle-held by retail/ wholesale mafia reliant upon the exploitation of human/ natural resource elsewhere in world), but which should crumble in the coming years of the possibility to run massive external deficits sucks itself up its own backside and supportive macro effects of decades reverse.