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    As per everyone else, see specialist. Sudden cardiac deaths in athletes can be due to magnesium deficiency. A close friend who was exceptionally fit, working as a messenger and started having scares with his heart was referred to a specialist who had experience with this, a few days into magnesium supplementation, he was good, no further problems. Don't assume its that, get proper diagnosis, but it may be worth supplementing in high dosage in meantime.

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    Purely on Brexit, which is an appalling reason for a G.E., but the unfortunate likelihood of dominating electioneering in the event it happened, it's not clear that it would be smart for Conservatives to go full on for Brexit based on this report from Guardian last year on the breakdown of seats by updated Leave/ Remain polls which have presumably moved further toward Remain


    Who knows. This is just depressing.


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    I am so sick of the self-serving agendas of the politicians and the shadowy stuff behind everything. The dysfunction in the country is grotesque, and any which way round, there is a total failure to put meaningful thought or action into beginning to address real problems that affect a far greater part of the population. This kind of thing is entirely unacceptable in what is touted as leading world nation:

    Annual poverty figures published today have shown that the number of poor children living in working families has risen from 67% to 70%. According to an Child Poverty Action Group analysis, the figures also show that there are 200,000 more children living in absolute poverty and 4.1m children in poverty after housing costs are taken into account, meaning 30% of UK children are below the poverty line.

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    So, here's a quick of back envelope calc'n if we can get a second ref based on the effect of the fact that over the last 3y, the cohort effect will capture an increased number of youth voters:

    4y cohorts in the age group = 3.7million which approx. to 2.775million NEW voters (previously below 18y old, calc'd as 3y (2016 to 2019) of the 4y cohort i.e. 0.75 * 3.7)

    Original turnout for 18-24y was 64% which is probably conservative in the event of a second ref, but using that gives a NEW VOTER TURNOUT of an additional 1.776million

    Using poll averages reported from BBC for voter preference in that age group of 82% REMAIN leaves a NET ADDITIONAL VOTE OF 1.14million votes to REMAIN from this demographic effect alone.

    This is before any change of sentiment with existing voters, and is a conservative estimate as a second ref is likely to mobilise a far higher turnout. (It also excludes the loss of any elderly voters which were biased toward Leave, but this relatively insignificant compared to the capture of new voters).

    So, just treading water, it's pretty hard to argue that the previous referendum would be aligned with the wish of what is now the legitimate electorate. Should there be a long extension of 2y, this effect would become even further pronounced all else being equal.

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    Although the anecdotes I see re the behaviour of Leavers seems incongruent with this conclusion!:

    "This distribution also sheds some light on why Leavers are more likely to be tolerant of people’s differing political beliefs than Remainers are"

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    Am I missing something - has she a way to bring the deal back now for a third vote ?

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    People are failing to consider the impact on everyone else, which is an angry reaction to the fact that many of them feel that they have been mistreated or failed. There have been various reports recently on the global effect of Brexit on employment in far flung, dirt poor countries. Closer to home, a lady at Dublin City University just released a report of the effect of no-deal on employment in Ireland:

    "impact of WTO tariffs on primary and manufacturing (goods producing) employment across Irish counties. Highest impact is in Monaghan -9.2%, driven by the fact that 21% of employment there is in Agri-Food"

    These are real people elsewhere who will be losing jobs, in addition to all the UK job losses and the potential unleashing of a negative economic spiral.

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    EU leaders agree to delay Brexit until May 22, if Theresa May's third attempt to pass her Withdrawal Agreement through parliament is successful, according to a draft statement.