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    I'll take it. Just what I'm looking for. Will DM

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    Hi All
    We're growing!
    We have new rider positions available at Zhero. Full time (and part time if certain days can be committed to), £12 per hour, freelance and PAYE options as you prefer. Mon - Fri, generally starting between 07:30 - 08:30.
    East London depot, mostly East London client base but can ride all over London.
    Cargo bike experience preferred, full training available too.
    Super friendly team and atmosphere. We like to enjoy what we do!

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    We had an urban Arrow XL Cargo bike in white with a large white aluminium box and green logos stolen from Stapleton Hall Road, Finsbury Park, N4 on saturday night. Last tracked to the Andover estate Islington. Long shot, but if anyone saw / heard / see's anything, please let me know.

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    Hourly rates with half day minimums / LLVW

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    Make of that what you will indeed. You are entitled to your opinion, which I'm sure is based on a full grasp of all facts from all parties involved after an in depth character study of the subject.

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    It's the only niche I know, having spent the last 20 years in that very industry.
    Hourly rates with half day minimums. Currently on a self employed basis, but we want to fully employ everyone when we can.

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    Hi Everyone

    My pal Joe and I launched our zero emission urban transport business back in July last year.
    We have managed to keep things ticking along nicely and now need to start looking out for part time riders, hopefully for set days.
    We are not your regular parcel courier company and focus more on the service element of what we do. We work mostly with artists, galleries, interior designers, furniture makers and vendors. As such, we pride ourselves on care and attention to detail combined with careful handling and excellent customer service.
    We'd like to hear from folk who share these interests as well as being keen riders.
    We have our own fleet of urban arrow XL's, so a little experience or larger bikes would be beneficial, but not essential.
    We're pretty informal, so would be up for socially distanced chin wag / coffee to see if we are a good fit for you. Please send me a PM or email ollie@zhero.app

    If you'd like to check out what we do:



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    Might have a buyer. Keep you posted.
    If I can get him to buy it, I’ll take an annual tithe of Worcestershire scrumpy... 😊

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    @BRP She’s a beast for sure. No nipping around, but adds an element of calm to one’s journey.