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    I've been neglecting my guitars a bit in favour of this recently...

    Having a great time at it but bloody hell there are some serious muscle deficiencies which have reared their heads, turns out being able to tap your toes in time doesn't translate to mad kick drum skills...

    In proper business though I'm toying with the idea of picking up a used Peavey 6505 212 Combo after binging heavily on Deafheaven recently...

    Also... those new Deafheaven tracks are the big surprise of the year for me, I love Deafheaven but I think this could be the album that really cracks the mainstream for them in a good way!

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    No specific plans for sound system upgrades at the moment but I probably will do when I do "the big job". I fancy the idea of replacing all of the speakers with Focal ones and adding a small sub in also, nothing wild but just a small upgrade. Might just go for more Nakamichi kit either to be honest...

    The whole thing is up in the air anyway as I'm not even sure the dash trim will be usable after I do the transmission swap due to the absolute giganticism of the Lexus gearbox... I'm already quite sure I'll have to swap the seats for Bride Stradia or equivalent Recaros if I've any chance of making it fit as I'll need the additional space for the transmission tunnel!

    I have decided air is the way to go though alright!

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    I too am deeply conflicted between lowering and lifting. They both look excellent but I think I'll go for a very very small lower by way of compromise.

    Far be it from me to toot my own trumpet but I'm rather chuffed with how this has turned out...

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    the bonnet won't close

    Have you tried liberally applying WD40/ GT90 and whacking it with a hammer?

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    I sold my roofrack from the R53 to my mate who has an R56 JCW and I purchased the same again in Forester fitment so surf trips are go!

    I also replaced the battery. Boring but necessary and especially irksome when it probably won't be big enough to run the future V8.

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    I also ordered a steering wheel cover from East Detailing and having retried the steering wheel in the R53 I was fully prepped and ready to install this one with utmost precision to ensure no creases or baggy bits and a factory finish fit.

    I had to redo several sections of it a few times over as I was tensioning the thread so tightly I snapped it a few times and then...

    ... I discovered the pillocks who manufactured it didn't complete the stitching on the last part of the cover so I had to take it all off again and send a bunch of photos to the manufacturer before they sent me a new one which I'm now awaiting deliver of.

    Very frustrating given what a lovely job I had done on the installation even if I do say so myself...

    Anyway, it will be redone and I'll update photos when it is completed.

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    So I've upgraded the head unit. Nakamichi NA3605-M6. Had to order one from Canada as it's such a new release nobody else had one for sale yet but have it in now and wired and it sounds great, lovely easy functionality.

    I wasn't happy with the fit of the trim around the dashboard so I went about fitting the Nakamichi trim ring into the Subaru dash trim and blending them together. Currently repainting now so I'll update with the finished article soon!

    I'm hoping the Honda Satin Silver paint I got will be a good match and I have also done a neat DIY refinish on the hazard/ warning button to make my own JDM spec red button at no cost (they're about €80 plus shipping on eBay).

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    When it's good it's good...