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    YZF750R? You could buy a nice one for 4k...

    As Chak said it does depend how fast you actually want to go... 600? 750? 1000?
    Do you have a marque preference?

    Funnily enough I have a list of bikes I want to own at some stage and Chak just listed them all below... specifically:

    • 1990 GSXR750 L
    • CBR954RR Fireblade
    • Tuono 660

    @Chak it could with a new set of tyres so I'll pitch for something a little bit more enduro-esque! I reckon it'll be getting a new exhaust anyway and possibly a less laid back handlebar but we'll see what he wants to do with it himself!

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    Pops just brought this home. I only had a quick rip up and down the laneway but it's pretty fun. Quite torquey. Looking forward to a proper spin!

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    Oh I haven't actually, I'll take a look into them though!

    We've got a family business that's been in heat pumps for the last twenty-five years almost, we started off doing domestic installations and gradually moved into bigger commercial projects and then when Covid happened we did a complete about turn and switched to building modular heat pump plant rooms so they're basically fully turnkey plant rooms for commercial and industrial applications.

    We don't really have an upper limit on size but our minimum would be around 100kW (we have done an odd one for "special" domestic clients but they're not exactly affordable...) and we can also do up to 140°c steam with heat pumps now so some pretty interesting stuff!

    Shameless plug : give us a follow on LinkedIn there :)
    GS Renewable LinkedIn
    GS Renewable Website

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    My DIY (spoiler: I work in the trade so not really DIY) heatpump installation went off without a hitch over the Christmas break and I've just gotten my BER assessor back around to redo the certificate for the place...

    We've gone from a C3 rating to an A3 and he noted that upgrading the windows would most likely get us to an A1 rating which is a bit mad for an apartment built in 2004.

    I'll take some pictures when I get home later on and a bit of info on the process but I wouldn't say it's outside the realms of DIY for a competent doer!

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    I guess I mean 100k km+.
    I had been hoping to get something in the region of 50k km max... If it was something with higher mileage that had had a lot of tlc/ renovation that would be good too though.

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    Oh this is really really great!! The bass version too!

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    I've been deeply nerding on my bike shopping list...

    TU250GB is ready to be collected from the workshop after pre-sale service and the mechanic actually called me to tell me one of his regulars saw it in the shop and is interested in buying so I suspect I can sell it handy enough.

    Two considerations for the list are that I probably won't find a 990 Adventure in budget so probably not a realistic consideration at the moment for me... also most of the BMWs are sky high mileage so probably not going to go for one of those either...

    Now... help me decide please 😅

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    No idea if the Suzuki TU250GB would be ULEZ compliant but I'm selling it...

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    Any feedback on XTZ750 Super Tenérés?

    I'm thinking very strongly about this one which has been engine swapped with a TRX850 motor...

    Full build list is pretty neat too... from the advert:

    Your chance to own a very unique one off Yamaha XTZ 750 with a TRX 850 engine which COMPLETELY takes the boring out of the standard bike.
    This bike looks & sounds incredible. It has to be riden & listened to be appreciated.
    Loads of power on road and plenty of torque for off-road. Fantastic bike to ride.
    TRX850 Engine, Carbs, Wiring loom, CDI, Coils
    Tyres are in very good condition, Metzeler Karoo 3 on the front & Michelin Anakee wild on the rear. Great combo!
    Newish front EBC brake discs & HH pads. SBS rear HH pads on a very good disc. Braided lines front & back
    Very good condition gold chain & sprockets. Geared to suit both off road & on road riding suited to my liking.
    I replaced the fork oil & oil seals last year
    Bike has had the wheels and frame powder coated & full respray a couple of years ago. Plastics look great but are not mint.
    Goodies as follows:
    Arrow stainless steel exhaust and Arrow stainless steel headers
    LED headlights
    LED mini indicators
    Heated Grips
    Dakar Screen
    12V socket power outlet fitted on the handlebars
    Rental wide bars, great control of the bike from these bars.
    SW-Motech ION wide footrest kit for on/off road
    High & Wide mirrors
    Very tough & durable hand guards
    Taxed until May and it has vintage road tax so its only €26 to tax for the year.
    82k km but fully rebuilt engine last year and the bike itself rebuilt a couple of years so take the mileage with a pinch of salt!

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    Tuareg 660 is by all accounts the best new enduro focused adventure bike... some absolutely glowing reviews out there and if I were buying a new bike it would be this (I'm keen to see how the V-Strom 800DE is when they're out though...)
    I suspect that in SE Asia there will be no advantage to any new bike over another in terms of serviceability... they're all only going to be serviceable by main dealers or specialists in big cities most likely and given rich Asian dudes propensity for spicy Italian vehicles there's probably as good a chance of finding someone to service a Tuareg as there is of finding a dealer to work on a new Africa Twin or BMW...