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    user9586 wtf??

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    What time?

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    For the ladies struggling to get good fit simultaneously on thigh and waist, I recommend tailoring. You can either do it the real way, having someone remove the waistband and pinch in from the side seams, or just having two darts done at the back will do the same thing more cheaply. I've had to do that for a few of my trousers.

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    Hey, we're finally going to get a bike trailer for ourselves (4 evar in ar hartz LFGSS bike tralier) and have run across the Raleigh Mule.

    Does anyone know this trailer and whether it has completely flat base? I can't find pictures of it without the fabric on top to find out whether the rails fold down or come off to be as near to flat as possible.

    Your insight is appreciated. : )

    If you have any suggestions for reasonably-priced alternatives (>125), please suggest away!

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    and.... who gives a flying fuck if i was a scared, un-confident cyclist? that's kind of the point why we need support for all the others like "me"......

    Some help from my dude in learning to negotiate traffic, what not to do, and some additional training by Wiggan Will and I am now a much more confident cyclist. I am slower, more aware, more able to ask for the space I deserve. I was you, now I am me. You might be a more confident you, too, with a little additional help in the form of some cycle training, as people have suggested.

    And training should be available/required for everyone, cyclist and driver alike. We were required to do cycle training as kids in Florida in the 80s. Granted, it never got updated, and granted I wouldn't ride in Florida as the speeds are too great. But here in London we could possibly have some better cycling if speeds were actually enforced. Who gives a flip if everywhere is 20 mph when there's no enforcement?

    All the talk of cycle training supposes that a safe journey is always down to the skills of the rider, without taking into account fuckwit actions of oblivious drivers. It's all very well for the more experienced riders to have their training, but unless it's built into the National Curriculum, you're not gonna get an overnight population of competent cyclists.

    At least give the novices somewhere safer to learn their skillz.

    Again, better infrastructure (and I don't like the idea of segregated cycle lanes as a) maybe sticking me behind slow, unpredictable, untrained cylists or b) making drivers feel that cyclists are required to use them and therefor even more angered by cyclists they encounter in "their" lanes), required training for all parties and proper enforcement of speed limits and current road laws. For example, the HGV driver on his mobile who quite obviously didn't see me. Why is he allowed to be driving?