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    My last 3 Dysons don't compare to the Shark I bought last year. I got the AX910 and you end up using it in all of the ways they show in the promo vids. I use a separate handheld for the stairs so the only reason a pet version might be good is they have the driven head attachment for the handle.

    1. Quiet (half the noise of Dyson)
    2. Front roller cleans hardfloor and all the way up to skirting
    3. It has LED headlights
    4. Lift away works great, to either use the nozzle or get the roller under sofas
    5. Small collection chamber

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    I wanted a Superb estate, looked at the mk3 2015 onwards in SEL trim. They seemed to hold their price quite well and were £1500-2000 more than an equivalent Passat. Ended up with a Passat GT 2.0tdi 190ps DSG. Also comes on 18 inch alloys vs 19s on the R-Line. Not exciting in any way but does everything very well so far and adaptive cruise makes boring A road drives so much easier....

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    Not me unfortunately, kids got in the way before getting out on some long trips! I must have lucked out on the gear shift as it shift solidly. I rented a bay window VW the month before buying the Merc and the gear change was hilariously bad, having to find gears in floating space. Been told the engines are bombproof and when getting new tyres the mechanic said they had a couple that went to 500k miles!

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    Yeah of course. The sofa converts into the bed. The passenger seat swivels and can mount a TV. Two burner hob and grill at the back. Table mounts in front of the sofa. Storage all over the place and a separate toilet room with running sink. The seat in the back can be removed and replaced with a minibus seat with seatbelt I had trimmed in the same material. This was so I could have 2 kids seats in the car. You don't legally need belts in the back as it's pre-2006.

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    Nope, just a standard drive away awning. You can either connect it by clipping onto a gutter or using a figure of 8 which is how I run it. The Fiamma wind out awning has a 4mm channel in it which you stick a connecting strip in.

    The dome shaped section of the tent zips off on all sides and the connecting section is more like a porch. When you drive off you just leave the tent sealed off. There's a small gap between the connecting portion and the van which you need for the sliding door to open.

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    Thought I'd post on here before going into the world of Autotrader,etc. Unfortunately I'm looking to sell on my camper as we're not using it enough to justify it.

    It's a 1990 Mercedes T1N 208d 'Commodore' professionally converted by a small company called Car Cruiser who were based near Nottingham. I've owned it for just over 4 years and the chap before me, Reg, had it for 22 and kept it in a workshop. As such, it's in pretty good nick for its age.
    49,800 miles 2.3 diesel 5 speed dog-leg
    2 berth (I made a platform over the front seats for baby)
    Power steering (optional factory extra)
    80L fresh and 50L waste water tanks
    Pumped cold water, blown air heating, 2 way fridge. It's a solar panel away from being self sufficient.

    Happy to provide more photos if anyone is interested. Based in Kings Lynn

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    I usually get 1000-1200 miles out of a chain and sprockets on a 2 speed. When it's too far gone the chain is quite loose on the chainset and can sometimes fall off during the fold.

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    statement on my future


    "On my request Team Katusha-Alpecin and I mutually decided to an early termination of my current contract.

    It was for me a long decision process where I raised a lot of question about how and where I want to go as a person and athlete and what is really important to me. I love cycling and my passion for this beautiful sport is never gone but I also know what it requires from me and what I need to be successful. I believe that everyone has his strengths and weaknesses and that it is an ongoing process to deal with them within a team to be strong and successful. In the last two months I have had the feeling of being exhausted. At this moment, I am not able to train and race at the highest level. For this reason, I have decided to take a break and time for myself, think about my goals and make a plan for my future.

    At this point I´d like to thank the team for the last 1,5 years and their support. Especially I´d like to thank the team staff. From the bottom of my heart I can say that they are the best and hardest working people that I´ve ever seen. I´m sorry that I couldn´t fuel your passion with more wins and results. I´d like to thank the sponsors and partners as well that keep believing in the team with their support and knowledge.

    I´ve taken this decision based on my experience that changes lead you to new paths and opportunities. Despite all the insecurities I´ve got confidence that I ultimately will find new chances and challenges. From now on I will put my happiness and joy above everything and seek ways to find this also in my future. I´m very excited about what is going to come. I would like to ride and race again in the future and I have to work out a plan to be able to reach this goal.

    This is the biggest challenge of my career and I´m accepting it."