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    Yes, putting it on hold is probably the best option given the increase in tremors.

    Just a couple of points:

    TREMORS: It's not the drilling itself that causes the tremors.

    The tremors at Groningen and tremors due to fracking aren't really related. Groningen is a naturally occurring gas field (in simple terms, a big underground hole/cavern, 3km deep) which has been conventionally drilled: just drill a simple (in oil and gas terms) hole and the gas just comes out, on it's own, due to its pressure. Gas has been extracted from the Groningen gas field for decades like this and over time the pressure in the field has decreased. The pressure helped support the weight of the ground above and now that it's reduced the ground above is subsiding, leading to the issues with houses etc you mention.

    The Groningen gas field hasn't been fracked, it doesn't need to be. You only frack when the gas needs encouragement to come out of the ground. There has been a few exploratory fracking wells elsewhere in NL but nothing large scale and nothing since the 2015 moratorium.

    In contrast to conventional gas fields like Groningen, shale gas is held in porous rock which needs to be fracked to release the gas. Fracking injects high pressure fluid into the shale which cracks the shale apart in certainn areas. The fluid is removed and the cracks remain open. This releases the gas which flows out through the cracks and flows up through installed pipework, to the surface where it is treated and distributed to houses etc in exactly the same way as any other gas.

    The issue is that cracking the shale creates new faultlines in the rock and over time these shift and cause the tremors.

    CARBON IMPACT OF FRACKING: If you look at emissions on a global basis, it is actually lower carbon to produce gas locally and reduce the amount we import. The carbon footprint due to transporting/shipping gas from the Middle East to the UK is not insignificant. Therefore fracking (producing gas locally, within UK) will actually reduce global emissions, compared to importing it by ship.

    We use a lot of gas in this country and rely on having a secure supply, as the production of gas from the north sea etc falls, our imports, via ship from the Middle East/Africa will have to increase to replace it. Our gas usage isn't going to change overnight but will, hopefully, over time. This will be a decades long transition, mainly due the the short term-ism of our (UK) governments.

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    Those clip ons are good as they have maximum adjustability as arm pad bracket can be moved independently to bracket that connects extension to base bar.

    Save £50 and buy this Profile Design T3+ “clip-on” kit (basically same design as the ones you linked above): http://www.timetriallingforum.co.uk/inde­x.php?/topic/131314-fs-base-bar-extensio­ns-pads-etc/

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    I have a Praxis M30 B right hand cup going spare. Can supply with the three different seals an a way washer.

    £10 posted?

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    Just liberally smear washing up liquid all over the stain, inside and outside. Leave overnight, wash.

    This has solved exactly the problem you have when I did it!

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    Go straight to Verve directly for support via here: http://support.vervecycling.com/support/­login

    I had a similar issue to you and they went above and beyond. I only had to cover postage to Austria for repair. They sent me a set of loan cranks while repair was being carried out.

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    I've got a Swimovate Poolmate Live which vibrates when I've done my required number of lengths so I can focus on technique rather than counting. It's good.

    Have a look at the flowchart on this page, they've got several watches that have different features: https://www.swimovate.com/poolmates/

    Not the cheapest though.

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    DZero which then has a choice of Red or Quarq crankarms. No idea about either.

    Quarq use exactly the same Exogram crank arms on all the DZero powermeters (Quarq DFour, Quarq DZero and SRAM RED DZero).

    The only differences between Quarq DZero and SRAM RED DZero are that the Quarq branded ones are for use with normal chainrings (non-hidden bolt) and the SRAM branded ones are for use with SRAM hidden bolt type chainrings.

    Go here and compare them side by side https://www.quarq.com/products-compare/