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    fort track frame with gt decals: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V­iewItem&item=230327672072&ssPageName=ADM­E:B:SS:GB:1123

    got to be worth a punt for the super-rare inverse shim: "1" steerer but there's a shim included to make it 1 1/8""

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    have you also bought a new lockring? the lockring that comes as standard is not so good, might be worth picking up a DA lockring and see if that fits better with the cog.

    also worth noting that there are 2 separate threads on the hub, one for the lockring and one for the cog. the lockring tightens anticlockwise to stop it unscrewing. sorry if you already know this... but it's always worth double-checking the obvious

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    Yes, track ends.

    no. loads of singlespeed mountain bikes have track ends and work with either cantis or disc brakes

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    hassanr, i had almost exactly the same experience with hilary stone.

    the listing came off as all honesty (rusty bits photographed, etc), every detail well listed, but either that was a way for him to cover up for the other issues the frame had by appearing open, or he just doesn't know frames very well (hard to believe).

    the frame's seatpost clamp is fucked, way overtightened so the tabs are mush and a post will not stay up (not photographed or mentioned) almost making it unuseable (only useable with an additional clamp over the top of the tube).

    i took my frame to a local shop to get it sized for a seatpost and the owner wouldn't sell me a seatpost because he said the clamp had been overtightened. it does look a bit "pinched". but that guy is also a miserable cunt, so i took it to another bikeshop down the road and they sorted me out... i've had no problems with it since. did make me feel shit about the frame at the time though.

    in addition his communication is awful. after i had payed i asked him to notify me when he had shipped the frame, which he didn't even bother to respond to, let alone notify me of dispatch. and even though i had left him positive feedback (after i had received the frame but before proper inspection, my own fault) he has still not left me any feedback, almost a month after i had bought the frame. i've sent him at least two messages asking for feedback, to no avail.

    he took about 2 weeks to respond to my message asking for his contact details after agreeing that i could pick it up from his house. then when he finally responded he just said that he had already left his number (on the eBay invoice which I hadn't checked).

    actually, neither of these point to him being a cunt. just me being an idiot.

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    i would like to be a member, having just read the following response to "What is it about the Geometry of a Bicycle that makes it so visually exciting ?"


        for me it's always been the male-female-transgender element in two triangles and two circles that has stimulated my mind. 

    see my 1997 paper "Towards a re-sexualisation of the bicycle frame" (MIT Press)


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    i've got a spare mks fat tug (just the one). £8 posted. unused.

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    i love that old diary!

    i missed this the first time around, but it's a really nice read. i'm impressed that you made it at age 13 too. sounds like a really good ride.

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    but we're only saying don't bother because there's no point, and we are offering you alternative ideas rather than hunting down a coloured link.

    unless you're using a SRAM powerlink or similar, you can just split/join a chain anywhere, so you don't need to identify a particular link.
    if you do still feel that you need to identify a link, then rather than try to find a coloured one, why not just go for tippex, nail varnish, permanent marker, paint.... cheap and easy