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    Looks great.

    I recommend The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings


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    If it's 18th Century it should be a listed building - virtually everything pre 1840 is listed

    There are good and bad things about this status, but you need to be sure of the situation before starting work.

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    It looks beautiful - I'm sure Mr. Harrison himself would approve of your work.

    I think he might say: Your target for 2022 should be a sub - hour 25. You've got the bike for it, although I suggest you'll need a bigger chainring for that sort of speed - at least a 52.

    Anyway Clubman hopes you get some enjoyable use from this machine.

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    It seems to me that BC is not great at nurturing these races, but this one did happen - here's my report:


    There were only 69 starters, so any brave soul from here who turned up with a licence would have got a ride.

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    This is a ride you might choose to do this weekend:

    The Victor Berlemont Road Race

    HQ Woodcote Village Hall, start 11am.

    I think you'd need a lot of luck to enter on the line successfully, but riding out to spectate could make an enjoyable day, especially if the weather is as good as the forecast promises.

    This race has a long and distinguished history, and represents a great deal of effort on the part of the organisers. A proper road race like this is really hard to put on in today's restrictive climate, so it's worth supporting even if you're just a spectator.

    Full details here:


    If anyone from here does go, I'd certainly be interested to hear what you think about the race.

    If you miss it, I hope to have a report of the race on VeloUK next week.

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    Yes, of course you're right - but we shouldn't frighten the horses too much. People are unlikely to accept the full horror that faces them.

    Meanwhile I think this is an interesting comparison:


    The Roman climate problem was tiny compared with ours, but it was evidently a factor. I am impressed by the similarity with poor constitutional arrangements which allowed things to deteriorate faster than they need have done. It's clear to me that the constitution in Britain and in the USA is no longer really 'fit for purpose'.

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    This morning's Daily Mail thinks Prince Andrew's affairs are more important than the impending doom of the human race - at least so far as I can see on line without giving them any money.

    Although The Guardian is doing a sterling job reporting the crisis, it's sad that it is only read by the converted.

    Presumably there will be many surprised citizens when Epping Forest burns down followed by flooding of the London underground.

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    Anyone wanna buy a Shiv?

    Yes, of course they're arbitary numbers, but sometimes they happen to fall out on the right side.

    I don't think you should sell up now. For what it's worth, I had my best ever TT season when I was 41/42, and I'd been trying for a long time before that!

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    The Ron Brown 100

    I hope you will be interested in my report:


    It was a great pity our event clashed with the Breckland 12 - I'm confident we would have had a larger entry without this problem. Still, we are glad we managed to run the event successfully and it's inevitable that if half the season is cancelled the other half will be busy.

    Let's hope for a clear run next year.

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    You're telling me this like I haven't raced a dozen 12 and 24hrs. :P

    Yes, of course I know you're fully experienced in these matters, but it seemed to me that the posts above created a confusion about the method.

    I hope my explanation makes things clear.

    So I was not really 'replying' to you, Hippy, but to the general readership of this column.