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    Yes, make sure you put the dent in the headtube.

    Ok I'll make sure I take the hammer to all the tubes. Bloody thing's gonna be covered in dings!! Soon as I get discharged from hospital. Could take a while for my coccyx to heal though after the seat post disaster earlier. Doc reckons at least 6 months. Watch this space though, I'll make sure to post pics of my work when I'm done.

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    Serious question: Is it ok to make a dent for a large chainring in an aluminium frame (ie hit a dent in the chainstay)?

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    didn't know what an LBS was so I did it anyway. now in a+e

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    So I've got a 31.8mm seat collar, but the diameter is too big for the seat post of my frame. However, the inside diameter of the collar is stepped, in other words has a thin section at it's top, which is the right size for the seat post. Is this safe or should I should shim it?

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    Sold a while ago I'm afraid

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    Pharaohe's first verse on Bring It On

    Mind chip
    I even be gettin more graphic than an Neo Geo
    Thirty-two bit computer chip be slipped between my lips
    and then Ill spit Spit it out spit it out go ahead spit out that itty bitty style you upchuck Betta believe I buttf**k MCs from the rear it appears youre stuck up Its my terminology that strike up mind and rips this beat apart
    You know the many styles I choose will bruise crews from the start
    I flow awkwardly cause awkwardly I flow thats to the rhythm Incisions are made into the brain and then I begin to give em a lobotomy, follow me Im shapin your brain.. like.. pottery
    all over the track
    Gimme the P-H gimme the A-R gimme the O-A gimme the H-E, Pharoahe
    Crazy poison tip arrows are hittin you from all directions
    You cannot dodge or manage to dislodge them from the point at
    which they are connecting
    I am se-se-selecting a ne-ne-ne-new style
    Live for pa-pa-pa-pile-piles of MCs who try to get bu-bu-bu-buck-buckwild Fu-fu-fu-f**k dat, when Im in a renovative state of mind
    Im innovative, never been afraid of rockin the microphone Im prone to be eliminating
    Cling when I sing a song of sixpence if it makes sense then sing along
    Cling along to my nuts if you got guts then bring it on

    Bring it on motherf**ker bring it on (8X)

    Also Buckshot's first verse on Enta Da Stage

    Jump up
    All my niggas in the house raise up your blunts just once
    I'm bringin it back, back to the original crook
    Flippin the hook like flippin a book
    Niggas know my style cause I be buckwildin on Franklin
    It's time for Buck cause you're dead and stinkin
    The original comin through with the boogaloo
    What you gon' do to the crew, make way for the brothers who
    Will quick react, bust a cap, breakin your back
    And breakin the fact that your act is a shitty pack
    You shoulda got with the Shot, lyrical Glock
    Run up on your block with my trigger pon cock
    So ease out, selector, play that shit
    For all my niggas locked down, play that shit
    For all my niggas Uptown, play that shit
    And when I pick up the microphone somebody head get split
    So polly I'ma give you every page
    Bustin the gauge, light it up, now come in the stage

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    They're beautiful wheels, but there's no market for tubs on here; I've had them up for sale for ages and no bites, now I'm really desperate for cash. Also they are not in very good condition unfortunately.