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    I'll go through all my files as I had a list of a few places that were doing dubplates and lathe cut records.

    Yeah The Vinyl Factory is quite competitively priced compared with the UK brokers to EU pressing plants, but they are ridiculously busy.

    Ah thanks for having a look at my stuff!!
    I've gradually been stripping off the older music from my site and bandcamp and it will be replaced with newer stuff later this year.

    The contrabassoon is indeed a bit of a madness. My solo contra' and electronics stuff, which I've been doing for just over 5 years, came about due to the difficulties in keeping an ensemble going.

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    I've sold lathe cut records at my shows over the recent years.

    The guy I was using was ok, but I never liked the sound quality inherent to the medium and they are expensive to produce.

    I think he's stopped now, but I'll dig out his details for reference here just in case.

    My next physical release will be a run of 12" LPs, pressed by the Vinyl Factory in the UK.
    Looking at 30week lead time though, but that's ok compared with the hassle of trying to get records over from EU based plants.

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    do you have a link for that graph or is it for FT subscribers only? I was googling but couldn't find it.

    There are a few friends I wanted to show this to, but they are dismissing my screenshot.

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    I understand about hayfever (suffering from it badly) so will temper my negative view in the above post slightly although the coastal wind is pretty good at clearing irritants, but having had coronavirus this cough we heard around was exactly the same.

    The don't give a f... attitude we came across throughout the area was extraordinary though.

    The Big hen do holiday special (20plus people) who all, by complete coincidence, had mask exempt badges for example.

    If Cornwall is spiking it isn't really to do with the G7.

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    I was in the far west of cornwall until yesterday.
    The place is awash with tourists coughing their lungs out. The campsite I was in had at least three people with the classic Corona upper chest cough, hacking their way through each night.

    It was grim.

    St.Ives was absolutely packed. Coughing everywhere. I saw a good few shops and cafes were closed with signs taped on their windows saying they were closed due to coronavirus.

    I'm essentially isolating now and testing every other day as a precaution.

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    I know you want the right ones, but a spiral of coke can will work wonders as a shim here

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    Passed by on Newington Butts this evening just as Police were closing the road.
    I can't remember the time as it was all a little disturbing.

    Ambulance in attendance, a lot of very shocked onlookers.

    Hope the rider is OK .

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    Slight tangent.

    Anyone on this thread play live?
    If so how are you finding booking shows from now into next year?