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    They did and do make steel cranks.

    Either spend a lot of time trawling bicycle jumble sales and find some old road cranks (you may also need to find a cottered bottom bracket) or see if you can fit some BMX cranks to your bike.

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    well a hybrid I use on roads 😎

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    As winter approaches I'm thinking of Increasing rotor size. Going from 160 to 180 on the front.

    Does this put more strain on the forks?
    How can one tell what the limit is for forks?

    (these are steel road bike forks)
    Thanks for any pointers

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    Late reply to a dredged thread...

    And no doubt well past the birthday in question.

    Did you manage to find any platinum earrings?

    It's possible your wife may be allergic to some of the metals in the platinum alloy (similarly with gold).

    I (and several of the jewellers I work with) will Rhodium plate earing posts and backs etc for those with severe allergies when gold plating isn't enough.

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    We finally, finally had a memorial for my uncle who died of Covid late march last year.

    About 35 people in a covered pub garden. Have to say it freaked me out - it's the largest concentration of people I've spent more than a few minutes in close proximity to since the very first lockdown.

    On a purely selfish level I REALLY do not want covid again, no matter how mild. I have gigs starting up again that it would break me to cancel through illness.

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    Apologies for the thread dredge...

    Did this sell?

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    Thank you for this Snottyrotter.

    I've been looking around today and it doesn't look like many/any places have stock of what I'd like, so a long wait might follow.

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    On my current back wheel I took the play out completely and the front now has minimal rocking after bedding the tape in for a good few commutes so a significant improvement over what was originally there.

    I regard anything like your epoxy or the tape as a good idea to help protect the hub splines. Over a filthy winter of commuting That movement will gradually pump water, salt and dirt in via capillary action and start eating away at the splines.
    For my usage I get no benefit from centrelocks and almost regret getting these wheels specced as such.

    Maybe for Weekend off-road use with cleaning after each ride and there is no problem, but I'm not going to be doing that on a daily bike alas

    Ah thank you for that Hope information!
    I guess I'll be looking at something from Shimano...

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    I loathe the play in some centrelock combinations.

    I like your epoxy Idea!

    I've been using layers of ptfe plumbers tape around the hub splines to take play out.
    It gradually comes back as the tape compresses though, but easy enough to replace the tape when cleaning rotors

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    My brakes are dying (leaking at the caliper)
    Clarks Clout.
    I know, I know, Buy cheap, buy twice, but at what worked out at 10p a day usage I can't really complain.

    I've looked at replacing the seals and for the hassle, cost and no guarantee it will fix the problem I may as well buy new brakes.

    If I do this I don't want to be investing in more imported landfill so have been eyeing up Hope Tech3 x2s with the intention to keep them running for a good few years.

    Talk me out of this please