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    there are a few threads on this i think, but this actually happened to me today and the cop asked me if i wanted him to "scrape my remains off the road with a fork and mail them to my parents." i managed not to talk back.. but what a weirdo. a fork?

    Either that or a fruit knife...

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    Well thanks to everyone who gave me good advice on restyling the old bird. Although late, i promised to show you the result.

    This is what it looked like.. (London Southend Heartfoundation run)

    Worth mentioning:
    Shiny black - Armourtex Hackney - About £50, got the nice price since they actually wanted more for aluframes.. Lovely guys!

    Wheels - Longleaf bikes USA. velocity - Phil rear hub - Formula front. The guy there Chris (i think) was super helpful and even reduced the stated value down to $150 dollars or so to help ease the VAT.

    Major issues. The headset bearing cups. Needed pro help to push them back in...

    It now weighs in at 8,5kilograms

    Well i have since moved from the big smoke after 8 years of mayhem, and find myself in little Oslo.. And yes I cycled the bike all the way from London to Oslo.. The route was London - Harwich (ferry) Esbjerg - Vejle - Viborg - Frederikshavn (ferry) Oslo. 4 Days of cycling in all.
    Lovely ride but would have been even better with some company...

    Along the way:

    I do miss London from time to time....... Give us a ding-dong if you come to norway..

    South London Rocks!


    BTW I´m super happy with the thing. I recommend this bike for anyone who wants a low-cost low maintenance FG/SS bike you want to do some serious milage with. And its super fast!

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    Looks good Badtmy.
    I will stick with the drops for now and the scandinavian adventure. Makes sense while i have the two brakes. Might consider the bullhorns if i make this bike a dedicated city bike with a fixed wheel and one brake.

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    Stompy - What kind of brake lever are you using there?

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    All points taken - thanks. I do use the hoods quite alot to be honest and the drops now and then. I guess the horns are more comfortabel than the hoods, hence my consideration. I'm planning on cycling from London to scandinavia in september.. (300miles) and also having this in mind. Nice Fuji btw..

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    Well i want to keep it simple so i'm staying away from the mounted ones. And i think they both can be sexy.. I guess i'm asking if any folk who do longer distances can recomend the bullhorn/aero for comfort speed what not.. whats the benefit? Just fashion? I can dig that.. H

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    Hello folks,
    First of all, I use my bike alot (don't we all) and in very mixed usage - city - traffic - commuting and long distance (20-60 miles) and leisure. I flip flop alot and have two brakes. Its a drop handle bar with typical drop brakes. I guess it does the job just fine.
    I am however considering or even wondering if i should change to proper aero handle bars a la - http://www.wiggle.co.uk/images/profile-a­irwing-os-08.jpg ..
    Reasoning my usage of the current drop. I do use the drop - mostly for sprinting etc. but probably use the rest on top of the brakes bit more - for resting my arms and aerodynamics, esp for longer distances and such - even shorter stretches of city roads. So maybe i would have more advantage of an aero bar? Or maybe i should just save that bit of cash..

    What advantage do you have of your drop or aero? Or is it bullhorn? I get confused..
    Anyway a question of practicality and not æsthetics - they both look fine.

    Appriciate any feedback