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    The HSE currently has no remit on public roads. That can and should be changed to stop construction companies washing their hands of the carnage caused by their contractors.

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    LCC protest planned for Wednesday 8am: https://twitter.com/london_cycling/statu­s/612966027236929536

    Stop Killing Cyclists die-in planned for Monday: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stopkill­ingcyclists/ (I'm not a big fan of die-ins, but it's definitely one way to make a point)

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    Murdo: 700x23c wheels, currently with 23mm tyres. I can chuck in a pair of flat pedals for free if you want them. Seat totally removable, but as noted the seat post itself seems to be seized in the frame... Might response to some brute force but I haven't tried. Crankset is in fairly good nick but I haven't ridden the bike any distance recently so I'm not sure about the bottom bracket... Seems OK though.

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    Oh yeah, the pedals are double sided SPDs.... Last time I rode it they were a bit stiff to click out of, but probably just need some TLC.

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    2007 (maybe 2006) model, red, 58cm frame.

    £90 without pedals, £100 with.

    Must be able to pay cash and collect from Finsbury Park one evening this week.


    • One careful(ish) owner from new
    • Sound frame, never crashed
    • Hand built replacement rear wheel (cost over £100)
    • Tiagra front brake
    • Fairly decent Sella Italia road saddle
    • Low mileage tyres (but old)


    • Seat post seized (currently set for a 6'1" rider)
    • Original front wheel (tends to break a spoke every few hundred miles)
    • Rusty chain, but if I can find my spare 1/8" chain in time, I'll throw that in for free
    • Road style bars/brake with blank brake hood on the left side... Not everyone's taste
    • Generally neglected in a corner for the last 4 years

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    On Ditchling Beacon yesterday afternoon: 4 (maybe 5) guys riding fixed. Well, I say riding... 3 of them were walking up, the other was already at the top. South African from their accents. At least one Spok in evidence. Looked to be pushing quite big gears but the one I tried to chat to on the way past wasn't very forthcoming when I asked him what ratio, just "too big".

    Hope they did the sensible thing and caught the train home... the headwind on the way back was a bitch, would have been really miserable pushing a big gear.

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    Hipster on a white frame (mebbe Dolan, I didn't notice) this morning dithering on Bayham Street then draughting me up Delancey Street.

    Pink Calvin Kleins very much on display under loose jeans. Seriously, man, that's not a good look for you. Or for anyone.

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    I spent two hours training with wiganwill on Tuesday.

    I was in roadie mode and showed up on my tupperware bike, so he took the basic bike handling and maintenance stuff as read and we cruised off to spend a couple of hours riding around in West End traffic, with frequent stops to discuss situations and how to deal with them.

    I'd say I was a pretty confident and experienced rider but we still found plenty of areas for improvement and some of the exercises were kind of challenging --- for example, I wouldn't normally negotiate my way from the inside lane to the outside of the Euston Road and back again in heavy traffic for fun, but I was enlightened by how little driver aggression it attracts if you do it right.

    Will himself is a top bloke, very easy to get along with and has a great knack of getting you to realise your own mistakes without him actually saying that something was wrong or stupid.

    Thoroughly recommended!

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    I have a way of dealing with buses that seems counter-intuitive but works well. If I am alongside the bus and it signals to pull out, or even starts to move out, I will move closer to the bus.

    Hmmm, I wonder if that psychology could be applied to pedestrians... Typical scenario: Pedestrian is crossing the road ahead from right to left, has already crossed halfway and is waiting for a gap in traffic, I'm the next bit of traffic approaching and taking the lane. I move slightly to the left to maintain a safe margin, they take a step forward into the gap. Rinse and repeat.

    I'm not suggesting veering toward the pedestrian, just making it obvious you're going to hold your line which is quite difficult when someone keeps stepping closer... Eye contact doesn't stop them in my experience.