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    Sweden fucked it up for sure, could have protected old peoples homes way better and had alot less deaths.
    Apart from Stockholm/Gothenburg/Malmo people do have (in general) a lot more space than most, housing and leisure wise which makes it a lot easier to social distance.
    Was back home in August and as per usual not many people hug/kiss and (my opinion/experience only) family interaction is not as important as in other countries. It's just easier to keep distance to one and other.
    Also Swedish people(me included) are well programmed to follow what authorities/government tell you to. Not necessarily a bad thing in these circumstances........really bad/easy for getting people to vote right wing though....

    Compared to UK yes, pensioners are definitely more healthy in Sweden(my opinion only). Hard to compare though cause Sweden and UK are very different in most ways tbh, history, geography, politics.
    The other Scandi countries did much better at the start than Sweden(Finland still doing really well) but are now feeling the same backlash as other countries. Dosent mean that much though. They are all different countries with different circumstances.
    I personally think Sweden did the right thing for their circumstances. If you asked me about Swedens stance in May I would have said something very different.......

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    Been a while since last forum ride, see you tomorrow!

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    All is good until one wakes up!(images was supposed to be the other way around)

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    Got a decent picture for once! Bella chasing flies and wishes I would open the window again. Normally they can be out but my cat gang has had run inns with another cat gang as of late so they stay inside after sundown for a bit.

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    This means 1 hour of calm in the house. After that who knows.

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    I understand(well, not from own experience)what your are talking about. My wife being brown....but you know not too dark, does seem to make it easier for white people to deal with. Well until it comes to promotions, good service at restaurants, being taken seriously in general. It seems that she is fine until she speaks up or trying to be "smart"( she is damn smart, well spoken and earns a heap more money than me ....and for good reasons). As I have come to understand and see things as long as you as a BAME person assimilates and try to be as white as you can be the less shit you will have to take......but make no mistake you will still have to take a whole heap of shit every single day. Oh and she didn't smile a lot in public when we first met either.....she still doesn't. She needs to keep that guard up for a reason. 0% tolerance is the only way forward but thats on mine and all other white peoples shoulders to sort out.

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    Apologies, I don’t think you can see what part is a quote. First 3 lines is what I’m trying to quote.

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    if you're darker than a caucasian, then you're black no matter you're ancestry/cultural history, because that's how white society will view you.
    My wife( Bethnal Green born, East Ham breed has be saying something like this for some time. She is of south Asian heritage. Been brewing for some time but I’m stoked that she won’t take this anymore. Last year she said from now on my racism tolerance is 0%.There is a lot more to all of that but not gonna do a massive post. Of course I should have been the person to say she should not have any tolerance but sadly
    I was not.

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    Happy this thread is here! I always through the years saw myself as a anti-racist when in reality I’m a non-racist with ambition to do better. I’m lucky that my wife has educated me to a certain level about what non white people face that I do not. Going to the Parliament Square protest was good for both of us. Seemed to be an outlet she needed and a wake up call I needed. I’ll contribute more to this thread for sure.