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    I'd like to add another quality session into my week, but not sure where best to fit it in. Want to improve for the weekly evening TT

    TSS usually 550-600 a week. CTL hovering around 85.
    Week is generally :-

    Mon - 40mins commuting
    Tues - 40mins commuting. 10 mile TT (1h40mins total including ride to/from and warm up)
    Wed -40mins commuting
    Thur - 40mins commuting. 1h40mins training ride (v02max and threshold intervals)
    Fri - 40mins commuting
    Sat - Endurance road ride 3-4 hours.
    Sun -Off

    Legs are generally dead on Wednesday and Friday after a hard session, and found I can't do anything hard on Sun/Mon or else I feel it in my legs come the Tuesday TT

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    Odds of impeachment have now reached 60%.

    Still think it's unlikely. This slimey lizard I'm sure will slither and lash his way out of the current turmoil and future ones too.

    The GOP have got to turn on him for that to happen, and they seem more than happy to hang on to Trump's coat tails at the moment.

    From the party that brought you McCarthyism to a President under Russian influence within 60 years.

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    Thanks all and especially @wjrh - that looks far more interesting than going down the A38. Was going to do it this weekend, but a mild cold and middling weather has postponed it

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    Nah, he's just too small to push people out the way and gets boxed in.

    I don't think his extreme sprinting position helps with that either

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    Hah brilliant - such a man crush on TD right now

    Phew, not just me then

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    Trying to tame a mamil friendly geo Cervelo road bike for TT'ing, used to a bigger drop on my more traditional geo bikes.

    I can see why the Pro's used to ride these with 140 -17 stems with the headset top cap off.

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    Cheers, just what I was after. Will get the -17 stem and put a 1cm scoblebrick underneath to start with

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    Power only dropping indoors though. Did 150 miles on Sunday and even at the end I was able to hold threshold and above without too much issue. Road power is getting there, just at the cost of indoor power. Obviously this is a good thing, except for the fact that for the three weeks coming it's pretty much all I have available.

    I had similar, and in my case I was just burnt out mentally from indoor sessions after doing them through the winter. I just go out and do intervals on the road now / do TTs.

    If the weather is shitty, I'll skip the session and do it the next day