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    yea, I've just had one done. I have to admit that it really isn;t the best of jobs. the paint has got a good luster, but there are numerous spots where it's rather thin. It was cheep though, £110 (I got perl finish, lug lining, transfers and a repair done).

    we'll see about the robustness

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    £200 ono

    For Sale, Raleigh Clubman, 23 inch (58cm), Renolds 531 tubing, touring bike.

    The frame is quite large and would suit someone at around 5’9” to about 6’2”. I’m 5’8” and bought the bike in the hope that I would fit…. I don’t, and so it’s up for sale again. The bars look like the have been changed over at some point although I have no way of telling, and the riding position is very comfortable. The geometry is as you would expect for a touring bike, nicely relaxed and while the saddle on there doesn’t look too special, it is quit possibly THE most comfortable saddle I’ve ever used.


    Shimano Exage 300ex front and rear derailier
    Weinnman Alloy centre pull breaks with kool stop pads for top stopping.
    Weinnman Alloy rims, Maillard hubs, all free and smooth and some pretty spanking new conti top touring 2000 tyres (27inch wheels)
    Double Shimano RSX cranks and Stronglight chainwheel
    Rear alloy rack

    Not sure how to post pics, can forward then on to you at request

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    yeup, started going on a regular basis now. I need to correct myself as they do indeed have club bikes that folk can have a go on.

    The equipment is pretty basic, and you can set a track frame up with it pretty quickly, you just need some narrow nobblies on 26" wheels as the big hurdle to things.
    Come on down of a Sunday at 12 to have a watch and see if you fancy a go....

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    the greenway takes you right there from Vitoria park... so no road riding.

    There is always someone looking to take a break that'll let you have a go on the bikes, although you can just set a track bike up with 26" wheels. It's not ideal, but it'll let you have a ride.

    The main rules that you have to obey are:

    Plastic pedals
    rear facing bars
    no quick release
    no breaks

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    Flock me!

    I'll challenge anyone to suggest a more energy intensive cycle sport. I thought my lungs were going to pop out of my nose after a few sprints.....

    I also stand corrected, they didn't seem to have spare bikes when I was there, so I borrowed one for a few laps. after a few goes I've now went and ordered one from Archie Wilkinson....£200 brand new, fully set up.... I don't think you could ask for a better deal than that for a bike!