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    Montbell have Japanese and US/euro models in their range, hence the differing sizing, the Japanese stuff you need to size up in...

    Pretty sure if you look up the style on their website it states which sizing they are based on.

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    is anyone in Manchester interested in a Cinelli Zydeco, 2017 Size L - 56cm? Nice bike, i've not ridden it enough though, v good condition, some scuffs to finish from frame bags/cable rub.

    Spec is pretty much stock:

    Frame - Columbus Zonal
    Fork - Cinelli CX Carbon 1-1/8" - 1-1/2
    Front Derailleur - Shimano Tiagra
    Rear Derailleur Shimano Tiagra 10-speed
    Number of Gears - 20
    Shifters - Shimano Tiagra
    Chain set - FSA Omega Compact 46/36t 170/175mm
    Bottom Bracket - FSA Mega Exo
    Cassette - Shimano
    Chain - KMC
    Pedals - Not Supplied
    Brakeset - TRP Spyre
    Handlebars - Cinelli Vai 31,8mm
    Stem - Cinelli Vai 31,8mm
    Wheelset - ALEX ATD 490 Rims 30mm - CINELLI Hubs
    Tyres Challenge Grifo 700x32 mm
    Saddle - Fabric
    Seatpost - 31.6mm
    Weight - 10.3 kg

    Just seeing if there is any interest before putting it on ebay.... Haven't taken my own photos yet so using stock...

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    yeah, got that, just mentioning going plant based removes the sustainability worries, more or less....

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    apparently you can boost the Vit D level of whole mushrooms by exposing the to sunlight (or UVB Lamps), not that i've ever done this but interesting to know...


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    Plenty of Mushroom derived Vit D options, as long as they're certified free of heavy metals, prob a good way to go for sustainability?

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    Can’t see view the facebook link, but I’ve seen a couple of green arkoses on ebay recently

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    is there any definitive word on the status of the race this year...? assuming it won't go ahead? but it is pretty easy to socially distance out there..!?

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    Ok, so the Trump disinfectant injection musings, which twitterers are claiming is a reference to MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) which iS nOt BLEacH....! But will cure anything, they’re convinced of this, many even claim to ingest it and ‘have never been sick’

    I can’t wonder why of all these true believers who ‘know’ the govt is suppressing a cure for cancer etc haven’t stuck it to ‘Big Pharma’ by simply sticking to their conviction and injecting it themselves I mean ‘you can buy it in Walmart!’(water purification tablets), surely they would be an absolute hero and save the world from Big Pharma.....!

    maybe they just don’t believe enough.....

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    Just spoke to one of my Korean students, she's been back in Korea 2 days and has already been tested and got a negative result back....

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    @Chalfie I am, currently at home, luckily i commute on foot... don't care what 111 & the Uni policy is, i feel i have a duty of care to my students to not do anything to potentially expose them....