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    Just perfect Stelle

    Much like velocio I feel somewhat shamed that I haven't made more of an effort, but wise enough to know how life pans out. that said seeing the sadness in so many good people and the loss of a true gent has left me wishing i gave more at times and i will

    Wayne was a rock, but you get the measure of a man by the company he keeps. be proud folks, Wayne was with people he deserved to be around.

    But there was one time i made him really angry. i mean head re-defining purple fury.

    After Sparkle Motions (the peoples champions) fine run at the manchester champs, we stripped the bikes, loaded the car and set of back to london. it's a long drive so i have Wayne in the front on tunes, James in the back, probably wondering if one day he would be as rapid around the court as me.

    About an hour into our journey home the manchester air started to take its toll. i say air but it could have been the cider, kebab, coffee.. who knows, but i needed to "adjust" to get comfortable. it was then i farted, it kind of punctuated waynes sentence and i noticed him tense up.
    "You wont notice it, it was one of those that doesn't really smell" i said to re-assure him
    "ah Pip thats just not on..."
    "don't worry" i said it will clear
    ... it didn't, i mean it seemed to get thicker..
    "christ whats wrong with you! i am not being funny but thats just not acceptable, you don't do it" went Wayne in this incredibly restrained but seriously pissed tones..
    "I totally agree man, i am sorry" i say and start to explain how i had no idea it would have been like that and how the air conditioning is probably not helping.. i mean i would be angry if is was his fart etc etc

    it was about then when the comedy of the whole situation hit me, but also how now was not the time to laugh. really.. really not the time, Big Daddy was a powder keg waiting to go off, it was a long weekend.

    But this is me.. so i lose it, what's worse i start James off in the back seat.

    It felt like forever for me to get a lid on it, to avoid looking at James and convince the now raging Wayne i am not laughing at his reaction, i was.. but all is now calm and the awkward silence in the car is a status quo i could cope with
    Then the next cramp like twinge; probably triggered by the fit of giggles, has cold sweat running down my back, but its silent.. Fuck yeah i have gotten away with it!

    No..Then came the roar "For fuck sake, you filthy fucker" "stop the car i am getting out" "drop me off at the train station" ah man he was raging..
    "Your fine man" i re-assure him "i think the seat took the brunt of it", "look at it as one of your five a day?"

    Then i am gone, laughing so hard i cannot form a sentence to calm him, James is in pieces in the back and Wayne is all over the passenger side giving us both barrels. rocking in anger.
    he is livid but there is nothing but love in the car and through some decent tunes it calms and the rest of the journey he is quiet. real quiet.

    He was the last drop, we got his bike out the back and squared up to say goodbye, i can see the sides of his mouth raise under that face fluff of his. "Thanks you filthy sod".. "No worries grumpy"

    He also gave me the one piece of information i have fallen back on more than ever. He told me he believed we were only given the challenges we can cope with. a saying that manages to make me feel strong and lucky at the same time.

    Till the next time Big man x

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    Bright times re-union would be fitting. DMZ was stylish, charming and up beat personified.

    One of my fondest memories was a messy forum session at the Sloany, followed by a house party at Fiddys, Me Big Red and DMZ in a drinking competition.. Dwayne kept up the pace, as always big red won. i spent the night on the toilet floor (i came a close second) when i woke I found Fiddy smoking a fag buying bike parts on interweb, Richie looking he was on the wrong side of a kicking and Dwayne in a suit, immaculate and smiling and off out to work! Forged not born that cat!!

    RIP buddy X

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    He's right, your lot were playing the Chelsea foul constantly in the first half hour, in fact it was Lukaku trying it, and getting it spectacularly wrong, that finally seemed to wake us up.

    Did you see the Lukaku/Koscielny incident? it was right in front of me but i was following the ball. it didn't look much but it was enough for Lukaku to drop his head and hide for the next 30 mins

    I thought it was a well earned point, Everton never really threatened but kept the ball well. we were far deadlier going forward but everton have a great midfield.
    Big Phil was fantastic for them and if they keep their midfield in place they will be top 4 with ease.
    I loved how the Everton players dragged Arteta over to the Everton fans after the match. nice touch!

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    My mate Steve plays on Wednesdays at the Rec Centre in Brixton, lemme know if yer interested and I'll hook you up... Jonny and Clint have been down, I think...

    spot on. can you ping me his details and i'll drop him a text - My mate Ricky needs a game down souths.

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    You can't beat an eccles cake for year round mincemeat perfection.

    you could really upset some northern monkeys on here with that slur. Eccles are currants with a side of currants.. start claiming those filthy sultanas are getting in with their currants and they might get all EDL

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    "have a lot mincemeat" and they "make a decent pastry".

    You had me at "lot of mincemeat"

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    I'm playing 5 aside on Wednesdays, for free. Feel free to join me, it's a bit out of the way but the temperature is pretty good on the pitch. Good floodlights too.

    friendly or league?

    I am waiting on the new pitches next to QPR, if they get a league going then i'll put together a team