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    Yo rad poloists,

    I gave up bike polo for BMX but now have to get rid of it! (moving)


    Pics below.

    Its rad (skavenger frame, odyssey, tree, terrible one, blah blah)

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    Hey All,

    I'm emigrating! So if you need a BMX this is the one!

    Skavenger frame (one year old used only in parks, scratched from being on the back of my boat but straight and happy), tree cranks, Odyssey pedals, brake and lever, Bicycle union stem, 20.5", Great tyres! (premium folding front, united rear). Terrible one bars, stole front wheel (the brand...) premium rear wheel.

    I also have a spare Alone frame (same size, dull silver) i'll throw in, and some tree bars and the original rear wheel which probably need trued if i remember right, i'll dig it out anyway.

    £180, no haggling but if you pick it up from LMNH old street tomorrow you can have it for £170!

    We're selling all our bits at the jumble next week too.


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    We're looking for someone at LMNH! Check the ad here:


    You can apply on line or in store! See Sam (or me, Nik), or anyone in the workshop!



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    I'm coming down after work with wheels for louis, a freewheel for rob (?) and i also have:

    POC knee pads £15
    Ladies Brooks imperial saddle black+saddle cover £45
    BMX bars £10
    An entire BMX (really good) £180 (if you want this but not today we can do that)
    Deore XT mech, good for use as a tensionner £5
    27.2 black seat post (pro) scratched up long £5
    80mm deda stem os clamp £10
    Nice flat bar and 90mm stem £15
    Heavy steel riser and positive rise stem (90mm ish) and slightly;y worn but comfy grips!£10
    Beat up saddle FREE to a good home (it a Madison breeze black)
    Old fucked polo frame, totally bent with a fork stuck in the front end with a bent steerer FREE (i can't imagine why you would want this...but if you do you would need to angle grid the fork off and put on a new one and straighten the frame. it is not currently rideable)

    If you want any of this stuff let me know

    Looking forward to seeing you all!!!

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    hi people,

    I'm getting rid of my bike and some stuff. The bike itself isn't rideable but the parts are all good.

    so I've got a hope/en721 front wheel and an ambrosio en721 rear, a middle burn rs8 crank set with a 32 tooth chainring 170 length arms and a bottom bracket.

    xt v-brake and a decent lever

    some milk heads and shafts

    email me if you're interested nikhamilton@gmail.com

    i can't get on to the forum except at work (and i don't use the work computer for personal shit...except for right now) so please email me with offers.

    I also have a big brown PAC bag £60
    some time attacks (beat up looking but working fine) £10
    a pair of shimano spd shoes size 40, very very good nick £40
    a pair of beat up sidis eagle 5 pros, black but with white buckles, size 6.5 £10
    a pair of worn once evolve royale climbing shoes size 5.5 £50
    a pod sacs crag sac with a back size to fit someone of my height £50
    a brisbane outdoor gear royd bike bag black £80

    lemme know if you're into this stuff