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    Big thanks to everyone for the eyes-out and advice..

    I've always assumed that our stolen bikes mostly end up out of town.

    There's surely at least one professional bike fence who can buy stuff up and move it out of town, but seems to me that it would be too hard to keep that up if you were re-selling into Brighton.

    On the other hand, I've never really been sure how much theft there is.. I see a lot of kicked in wheels, but of the people I know with nice bikes and decent locks, not many have gone missing.

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    Haven't posted here in years, but got a special plea for you all..

    My work friend's daughter had her bike pinched this morning from
    outside BHASVIC college on Dyke Road. It's pretty distinctive, and it
    would be great to find it..

    It's a 70s BIANCHI, gents road frame, CELESTE COLOUR, SAME COLOUR BAR TAPE.. Covered in all that sexy retro patina.. Got one
    of those distinctive angular 3TTT stems and old Campag down tube
    shifters etc.

    Has some numbers stamped on the headtube - 7c075...

    I've attached a picture, but please note that the bar tape is now the
    same colour as the frame!

    More pics and specs at http://www.retrospectivecycles.com/biancĀ­hi-sprint-55cms/

    Please keep your bike geek eyes out for me.. if you see anyone who is
    not a teenage girl riding this bike, please feel free to give them a
    going over.

    Thanks all,


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    Workmates daughter had her 70s Bianchi stolen this morning, in Brighton. Posting here cos I suspect that many of our southron stolen bikes end up in the Big Smoke..

    Photo attached, but please note that the bar tape was Celeste this morning (by now, who knows..)

    More pics and spec at http://www.retrospectivecycles.com/biancĀ­hi-sprint-55cms/

    Distinctive marks: nice patina, numbers stamped on headtube (7co75...), ball-busting 3TTT stem, celeste bar tape..

    If you see anyone who is not a teenage girl touching this bike, please feel free to give them a stern talking to, and PM me!

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    Here is the hub:

    Oh dear, I hope that the freewheel isn't screwed on properly there.. you won't be able to get it off without a rim, and won't be able to re-lace the wheel with the block on.

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    Are the Ti frames made by the same person who makes your steel frames? or are they ordered from some generic Russian/Taiwanese framebuilders? (not that there's anything wrong with that)

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    I'm going on a big ol' tour of France in a few weeks, and have hardly any cycling-specific clobber, and no funds to purchase any.

    Looking for shorts (un/lightly used), lightweight jerseys, cycling socks etc. suitable for comfort in hot weather, and summer evenings.

    I'm a small/medium size, 30/32" waist, 34ish chest, 10ish feet

    Please, no mankinis.

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    Chris Crash should add Cameron's bike to Stolen Bike London, it will get hecka hits for the site.

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    We want to go to Brighton but we don't know if we'll have time.

    There's a forum ride to London's famous Brighton on August 2nd, see here. Should be a good day out, and coincides with Brighton Pride, when everything gets a bit queer around here.