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    Any help appreciated for this problem

    Just switched to Android, a prestigio multiphone from Maplin running Android 4.1.2 - basically a Note copy.

    I have an exchange email account that I have set up through the default mail app, but I do not have the ability to search my emails, which is a major pain in the arse. I understand that this is an issue across android, is there any way to resolve this via an alternative mail app?

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    Russia needs to secure Crimea as it's the base for the Black Sea Fleet. From any Russian perspective it is unthinkable/acceptable to loose their Mediterranean naval base. That is the primary reason behind any attempt at annexing Crimea.

    On top of that their are numerous political and economic reasons, which have been discussed already.

    Finally the uprising in Ukraine is a big fuck you to Putin, and the situation is a defining moment for him - if he backs down, he will look weak, not only to his supporters, but also to those other states who currently are de facto Russian regions in all but name, thus perhaps causing and encouraging further unrest in the region.

    However if he goes ahead with serious military action in the Ukraine, he sets Russia on a path where many of the most powerful oligarchs who have kept quite will be getting very nervous as he puts their business interests at risk by alienating Russia from the international community, and he risks weakling his support.

    This is a situation with no winner, only losers.

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    School reunion at very posh gents club in St James.

    One of my mates is a bit keen and is very much the worse for wear before we sit down for dinner.

    He disappears half way through, and after about half an hour we send out a search party,

    He was found in the gents, kneeling on his dinner jacket, with his head down the loo, soaking himself in his own vomit, trousers around his ankles, with a huge turd snaking it way down his legs into a pile on his jacket.

    He later explained that he had gone to do a shit, felt the need to puke half way through, so done a switcheroo forgetting he was in the process of curling one out, putting hismjacket on the floor so he wasnt kneeling in piss. The rest was a mystery to him.

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    LFGSS Corner in Yorkshire next year.

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    ^^^^^ warped socialism? Oh FFS....
    How's your trolling Toryism going? Quoting Tebbit with the subtext that the stike was really the fault of the miners and nothing really to do with a blatant agenda propagated by Thatcher and her filthy kind? Sick shit bro...
    In the face of her relentless deification and the revisionist re-writing of history over the last few days, don't be surprised by people's reactions however they're manifested. She was the worst kind of scum and scum like that produce reaction. There are plenty of people who remember what it was like when she was destroying peoples lives.
    Oh and yeah I want to hate her and I do ta. Along with her successors, supporters and apologists.

    You prove my point - total inability to say anything meaningful except spout hate.

    I am not a Tory, just a fan of debate rather than dismissal.

    I remember her destroying lives, but also making people's lives better.

    To tar her with one brush is to ignore history.

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    I guess [strike]Mandela[/strike] that terrorist and his ilk needed a dose HTFU? How can you justify her dealings with the government that upheld Apartheid? What are your views on Apartheid? Maybe this melt needed some of your HTFU (whilst the police beat him to death)

    I guess the families/loved ones of those who never ever returned from a game of football need a dose of HTFU? How do you justify the behaviour of the police and state lawyers who tampered the statements of those that told the truth to uphold their lies?

    I guess the shop keepers in Liverpool need a dose of HTFU and should start selling the Sun?
    How can you justify the [strike]headlines[/strike] lies printed in that paper about fans stealing and urinating on their dead cousins/brothers/friends/sons? I assuming you do know the paper trail leads to her cabinet thus far? You do know the head of the constabulary that oversaw this biggest state criminality retired on full honours, a knighthood and a £1,000,000.00 pension? How do you justify this?

    Would you like me to illuminate you on the suffering of the miners, their families and villages?

    Maybe if you feel so strongly, you could message these people:

    Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron (67)
    Simon Bell (17)
    Barry Sidney Bennett (26)
    David John Benson (22)
    David William Birtle (22)
    Tony Bland (22)
    Paul David Brady (21)
    Andrew Mark Brookes (26)
    Carl Brown (18)
    David Steven Brown (25)
    Henry Thomas Burke (47)
    Peter Andrew Burkett (24)
    Paul William Carlile (19)
    Raymond Thomas Chapman (50)
    Gary Christopher Church (19)
    Joseph Clark (29)
    Paul Clark (18)
    Gary Collins (22)
    Stephen Paul Copoc (20)
    Tracey Elizabeth Cox (23)
    James Philip Delaney (19)
    Christopher Barry Devonside (18)
    Christopher Edwards (29)
    Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons (34)
    Thomas Steven Fox (21)
    Jon-Paul Gilhooley (10)
    Barry Glover (27)
    Ian Thomas Glover (20)
    Derrick George Godwin (24)
    Roy Harry Hamilton (34)
    Philip Hammond (14)
    Eric Hankin (33)
    Gary Harrison (27)
    Stephen Francis Harrison (31)
    Peter Andrew Harrison (15)
    David Hawley (39)
    James Robert Hennessy (29)
    Paul Anthony Hewitson (26)
    Carl Darren Hewitt (17)
    Nicholas Michael Hewitt (16)
    Sarah Louise Hicks (19)
    Victoria Jane Hicks (15)
    Gordon Rodney Horn (20)
    Arthur Horrocks (41)
    Thomas Howard (39)
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    Graham John Wright (17)


    I agree with you - if you want to hate Thatcher, her stance on SA, her snatch squads in Ireland, her treatment of homosexuals, and her willingness to turn a blind eye to dubious behaviour of economic allies all deserve condemnation.

    I was just pointing out that a lot of the vilification on here stems more from warped socialism than factual analysis, and its a shame that her legacy can't be debated from any other view that she was the devil incarnate.

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    Isn't it about time that Norman Tebbit stopped spewing hatred?

    Tebbit is a cunt, but he did say this.

    "Those mining communities had good working class values and a sense of family values. The men did real men's heavy work going down the pit. There were also some very close-knit communities which were able to deal with the few troublesome kids. If they had any problems they would take the kid round the back and give them a good clip round the ear and that would be the end of that. Many of these communities were completely devastated, with people out of work turning to drugs and no real man's work because all the jobs had gone. There is no doubt that this led to a breakdown in these communities with families breaking up and youths going out of control. The scale of the closures went too far. The damage done to those communities was enormous as a result of the strike"

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    Lol - I didn't support her, I just think that some of the raving on here is as excessive as the loving going on over at the Daily Mail.

    I just find the real venom directed at anyone not willing to piss on her grave in this thread a little bit depressing, and ironic given that those shouting the loudest are only doing themselves what they accuse Thatcher of doing.

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    Tis forum needs to HTFU, its like a Trotsky fan club meeting behind the bike sheds in here.

    If you think police brutality and state suppression was a Thatcherite invention, you have no idea of British history. My dad grew up a roman catholic in the 30's, and he will tell you a thing or 2 about police brutality back then that makes the 80's look like a walk in the park.

    The nation was fucked when she took power, and there where riots and violence a plenty before she came to power. Years of mismanagement of British industry are what did for the people who she supposedly fucked over, she took a sledge hammer to the problems, but your fools if you think it would have been any different in the end under anyone else.

    I have been a member here for a long time, and it used to be that we could all agree to disagree but respect each others opinion, but the attitude shown on here is as narrow minded as any daily mail Thatcherite love in.

    Lets talk about Arthur Scargill, he's the one who lead em all on a merry dance into Thatchers clutches, but while she's lying there cold he's sitting there warming himself in his grace and favour flat.

    Thatcher was a direct result of the socialist movements inability to organise a piss up in a brewery, if they hadn't pissed away the good will of a nation then she never would have come to power.