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    You'll always have the fear - after seven years as a freelancer, I still get the fear - so in the end, you just have to accept that the fear will always be there and get on with things.

    Last time I was on the forum properly, I'd just been made redundant, had ended a long-term relationship and was fighting my old employers in an Employment Tribunal. In the years that followed I did a ton of personal photography work, which culminated in me deciding at the last minute to join my best friend and sleep in the back of his van while shooting him riding bikes in the Alps. That got me working with Cyclist, who I've worked for over the past three years, as well as some other cool people. Last year I started writing as well, and had a piece in the Ride Journal, before I started working for Tinkoff, and then this season, doing PR for Sagan.

    I earnt a really decent salary when I had my desk job - about four times as much as I do now - but I'm so, so much happier now, even during the quiet times when I'm panicking about the amount of work coming in. I miss not owning my own home, and hate that I can't afford to do the things I want to do, but what's the alternative? I'd be working more than 40hr weeks and I'd never be able to do anything else - 50 weeks a year so I can go on holiday for two weeks? Fuck that.

    In the end, nobody gives a shit about you, so you may as well do something you love, or at least helps you pay the bills so you can do the things you do love more. Long time dead and everything...

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    I remember talking to you years ago about those work problems, @dancing james - awesome to hear you not only got through it all, but are considerably happier now too...

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    On eBay now, in case anyone's interested...

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    Hi there,

    Been a while since I've been on the site - lots of life changes. Would be nice to catch up with a few old friends though, if they're still around...

    In the meantime, I'm selling my Bowman Pilgrims frame and fork. It's a 56cm and is in the teal blue colour. It's a disc frame and has full internal cable routing, 7005 main frame and tapered carbon fork. It's a less well-known company, but there were loads of these on the last TCR and can say it's a great frame to ride - snappy and fast, but comfortable for all day riding. It'll take bigger tyres, but it won't take the 35s that Bowman say it will - I found the max was a 30c and even then you've got to pick and choose. The rear isn't a problem, but the forks are quite tight.

    Only selling because it's too small for me.

    Frame is in excellent condition - I've used protective tape on all of the usual rub points (even where I'd normally get heel rub on the chainstays) so frame is excellent all round. On the top tube, there is some slight shine in the middle where my thighs have polished the matt paint a bit, but that's all there is to report.

    The forks are the only part there's any real 'damage'. When I ran some slightly more nobbly tyres in some mud, they ended up rubbing against the fork because of the mud, grit and lack of clearance. You can see from the photo that it's rubbed through the paint and a little of carbon. I rode it for a year after that happened without any ill effects but it's an 'at your own risk' kind of thing. I personally don't think it's too bad, but your view may differ.

    Happy to answer any questions. Lots of information on the Bowman website, but I can give you any real world information.

    Looking for £400 or near offer. Collect from Brighton or can post for £15. I'm in town a fair bit, but it's not always practical to bring a frame with me.

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    ...thanks for mentioning me, when I had fuck all to do with this feud that's ongoing...

    Wha...? Oh you mean...? Those thinly veiled snipes are a bitch aren't they?

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    mooks, I like Bella too, but clearly others have the right not to see things in the same light.

    Like you, and Teenslain, I stand up for people that I think are okay. I think it's understood that you will champion Bella's right to be treated with some civility. But please don't overlfow that feeling into any negativity against VeeVee or even Lil. Whether they like her or not is their perogative.

    People cannot be changed except they make the decision from within. You can only put your views out there, and hope others concur.

    If you're going to complain about personal comments being made about other members, wouldn't it be a good idea to refrain from making them yourself?

    Ok... So you didn't spot that my post was in response to VeeVee saying that *she *thought *Isabella *was strange?

    My point is that you may well have your opinions about someone, but you should generally leave them to their own devices. Like her or not, Isabella's done nothing to warrant the ill treatment she's received.

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    Err, no, that's what you're saying mooks, you quoted what Andy's saying - which is pretty clear unless you're a bit dim.

    It's called 'reading between the lines'.

    Forum member makes assertions that Epifania was insulting other female members of the site, then fails/refuses to provide evidence of this.

    In which case, forum member's assertions hold absolutely no water...

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