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    According to the spiel, they have increased the tyre and mud clearance on the SL. May drop them an e-mail re 650b, see what they say. I like the idea that its 'made for racing' as you say, rather than the Full Monty.

    I love my Soma GR, but thinking a 650b which is more aggressive (and cheaper/lighter!), could be fun too, and also something I can feel slightly less precious about.

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    Any opinions on this https://www.planetx.co.uk/c/q/bikes/grav­el-adventure-bikes/full-monty-SL

    Or this

    Not a bad price at £650, and thinking either could have a set of 650b dropped in.

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    Ah, that's a shame. Will let it pass, but thanks for measuring up.

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    That would be great. Wld be super helpful if you could measure clearences 320mm from the 'axle centre' front and back. Hope that makes sense.

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    Hi @TheShipwright, what are the clearances like on the this? I'm looking for something for a fixed 650b conversion. BB height and brake drop should be fine, but wondering what the fattest 650b tyres would squeeze in (with mudguards).

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    The Department for Transport’s Cycle Safety Review
    Discuss the issues, share insight and have your say...
    Four regional engagement events to be held in May 2018. Click on the links below to register for your chosen event

    London - Vestry Museum, Walthamstow, Wednesday 16th May

    Bristol - City Hall, Friday 18th May

    Birmingham - Room 116, Transport for West Midlands, Summer Lane, Monday 21st May

    Manchester - 2 Piccadily Place, Transport for Greater Manchester, Wednesday 23rd May

    Agenda – Each event will last for 2.5 hours and follow the programme below. Starting times vary

    We invite anyone with an interest in improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians to join us at one of these special events, for example age and disability groups, parents, teachers and pupils, cyclists, would-be cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, dog walkers, motor cyclists, horse riders, scooters, local, parish and district councillors, public transport operators, professional drivers and couriers...

    Why now?

    The Department for Transport is currently running a Cycle Safety Review, and has launched a 'call for evidence' that forms part of a wider consultation on road safety issues related to cycling.

    What are the issues?

    It invites those with an interest in improving safety and perception of safety for cyclists and pedestrians to provide evidence, drawing on experience from the UK or other countries, that can be used to shape future policy decisions. The six key consultation themes are:

    how to improve safety through changes to road infrastructure

    the law and rules of the road

    road user training and testing


    vehicles and equipment

    attitudes, understanding and awareness of different road users

    Why we need your insight

    The scope of the consultation considers the wider societal benefits of cycling and walking, perceptions of safety – especially for vulnerable road users – and the common misunderstandings and differences of opinion between cyclists and other modes/road users.

    Understanding this complexity, the Department for Transport is keen to engage with a wide range of stakeholders, and members of the public, and is facilitating these workshop events to discuss the issues. We invite anyone with an interest in improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians to join us.

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    Like old BMP Nick, give him enough rope and hopefully he will hang himself.

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    I arranged a mini Kidical mass ride from Brentford to Turnham Green on Sunday for Hounslow Cycle Campaigns Earth Day Picnic. At the event I spoke to every family who had made there way there by bike. There was resounding support for CS9, but a genuine concern that it won't happen, that it will get kicked into the long grass by this very vocal minority.

    I'm not sure a vigil outside would be a good idea given this Lesniak's volatile reputation, but maybe a regular mass ride along the route, stopping for a picnic next to his garden plaque ;-).

    I also met @shafrandeli - great guy who spent time living in the Netherlands. And who totally gets the economic benefit CS9 can bring to local business. However, he was also worried though about it getting out he is pro CS9, worried about potential fallout, and that it would (at least in the short term), affect custom.

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    Yes, Instructors on CC books received this email announcement yesterday.

    I wanted to write to let you know of an exciting and significant development to Cycle Confident. I am pleased to announce that as of today, Bikeright! has become part of the Be Confident Group, the company that owns Cycle Confident.

    As you know since starting Cycle Confident 10 years ago, my main focus has been empowering more people to ride bicycles in London. Bringing BikeRight! Under the Be Confident Group umbrella gives us the opportunity to add further geographical reach to our mission!

    Bikeright! are a really well run company that has had significant success in delivering cycle training services in areas such as Manchester, Liverpool Birmingham and Bradford.

    By working together and sharing our knowledge, business processes and passion, we aim to establish ourselves as the leading cycle training company in the UK with nationwide capacity to deliver our services.

    There are exciting times ahead and as always I’m happy to discuss this exciting development further so please do get in touch to do so!

    Kind Regards

    David Showell