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    I'd need to go to Fulham, for one thing, so I agree that that's unlikely.

    Does mean that I don't need to worry about my circular saw as it's sufficiently far away from SW6.

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    That’s all stuff that can be bought or rented, though. It’s trivial.

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    There’s a difference between Tim’s response/others and Airhead.

    Visible to me, anyway.

    And “he does this for a job, so knows better” is not relevant here, and doesn’t explain the response- to what would be a hobby level endeavour.

    I don’t take time out to shit on people’s faux pas on the InfoSec side in their personal lives, as an example.

    Anyway, it’s provided some entertainment- as no doubt will actually making some doors next year.

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    Spent three hours driving in it today - but just errands on (mainly) motorway.

    It's very comfortable, I like the driving position, miss the noise and shove of the E63.

    But that's all pretty meaningless really - important part is how everything in the back performs, and all I can say at the moment is that it's promising.

    I'll take some photographs as I learn how best to use it.

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    Also, the C55 had a much better stereo

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    E63 is much torquier - two close coupled/hot-V turbo chargers give it amazing thump from low revs. The C55, whilst it's certainly got low-down torque (5.4 litres, lets not forget) is actually much more rewarding to rev out. It also gets much more Nascar sounding.

    The MCT gearbox in the E63 is a masterpiece in comparison to the C55, it's the thing that is unquestionably better. The C55 famously saw AMG bin the clever auto that the new turbo-diesel C-Class used on the basis that the petrol V8 would destroy it, instead they went back a generation for a unit that was sufficiently primitive/over-engineered that it would survive.

    It would make a huge (positive) difference to have some kind of rev-match on the downshift for the C55, which is where the gear change is at it's worst.

    Steering wise the C55 is miles ahead, lots of feel, nicely weighted, you get the feedback you want and not the chatter that you don't.

    Ride and handling - again, I prefer the older car. It's stiffer, less sophisticated, but actually feels a lot more sports car than the E63 which is very GT.

    But, the E63 is a much more polished, more modern proposition. If you want something objectively better it's the E63, if you want to know which I'd have again - C55.

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    blokpod graphics spoil the stealthy airport shuttle camouflage, remove?

    The extendable awning on the other side does that as well.

    It's fun, nowhere near as fast as the E63 but has a lot of different things it does that I enjoy.

    I'll start seeing how best to get some bikes in tomorrow.

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    It's a funny thing, this whole storm in a tea cup.

    Obviously you've been a total prick - but the interesting thing (the remarkable thing, in its original sense) is why.

    You were clearly very badly triggered by the idea of my doing some carpentry, to the extent that you went from a standing start to "burn it down", without escalating through mild banter, moderate mocking etc.

    Much as "friendliest forum on the internet" is thrown around to ironically describe interaction on here it's rare for someone to truly get the knives out, which you did in response to what on the surface was no provocation.

    Which, as I said, was and is remarkable. Your use of "butt hurt" is, I think, a part of this - that phrase is projection on your part I suspect.

    Why were you so badly triggered? I don't know, but - conjecture would be:

    • You mention how good you are at your job more often than anyone else on the forum (but don't get called on it because you balance it with helpful advice, Toupret/Zinnser/that IR stripper thing etc)
    • You frequently mention your waiting list (clear sign of a remarkable craftsman), people are lucky to get you etc etc
    • And of course we are all told that you only need to work in a very small area of Fulham, such is the demand for your services

    What conclusion can we draw? I think it's fair to say that your professional life makes up a large part of your identity, what you are proud of and what you believe sets you apart/gives you value.

    I think, therefore, that you felt threatened by my intention of doing something you see as part of your professional arena as a bit of fun. Maybe you thought it cheapened it, and because your self image relies so heavily on being an amazing carpenter you took it as a personal attack - hence the nuclear response, out of all proportion to the provocation.

    Maybe the above is all bollocks, but it filled 10 miles of London stop/start traffic earlier this evening as I tried to work out plausible reasons for your behaviour.

    And, of course, this doesn't excuse you being such a prick, even if it might explain it.