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    Southwark - she said there's just £10 ground rent per year and no other charges so not much point buying freehold.
    We're not going to buy it so didn't push further but the privately owned houses there are a mix of L/H and F/H

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    True - I guess if you've found a place you really like and plan on staying there for a while then buy now and don't wait.
    However, if you're in a maelstrom of indecision and changing plans every other day (can you feel my pain?) then renting for a bit will give you some flexibility.

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    Went on an interesting viewing yesterday. The seller is a "property investor" and is retiring and selling off some of her houses.
    She freely admitted that her place (leasehold/ex council/need of updating) was not worth what she was selling it for but said the market is "crazy" at the mo. She has already had a few offers and will probably go with one of them.
    The house is in a great location (North Dulwich) and places don't come up for sale much in the area - she said the fact 3 are currently on the market underlines her point.
    She suggested the smarter move would be to sell now and rent, and wait to see what the market does.

    Her property is on with Strike. She said they are good for sellers who are happy to do a lot of the work themselves. Not so good for prospective buyers as they will bombard them with financial services requests and spam... I'm awaiting that joy.

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    Just finished reading through about 50 pages of this thread as we've now entered the madhouse ourselves: Put house on market at the weekend; first viewing last night; same viewer wants second look this morning.
    Haven't moved in 11 years and had forgotten how relentlessly stressful it is.
    It's compounded by the fact that we don't want to move as we love our house, we've got it just how we want it and both kids were born in the kitchen so there's a strong emotional attachment.
    We love living in Peckham too.
    However we can't guarantee our eldest (year 5) will get into what we consider a decent school so we're seizing this moment to sell up.
    We can't decide where to move to either.
    We like a school in Twickenham but houses are crazy prices there and are smaller than ours. We'd have to max out our budget leaving us with nothing to spend on the house itself for a while. On the plus side though, most have been done up to a decent standard.
    We're also considering Sutton/Cheam area for schools. We can get a cheaper and bigger place but the area's a bit dull compared to Peckham and the decor of the houses there are generally a bit shit.

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    I love it. It handles well and is easier to park than the Skoda Octavia we had previously. The ICE is good and links up with iphone and android no problem. Interior is solid and everything works and is intuitive. It's v comfortable and even if I drive for several hours I'm not tired afterwards.
    There's ok space in the boot although it's MUCH smaller than the Octavia. I had to get a 470l roof box for our summer trip around the west country and Wales.
    The rear doors are quirky: They don't feel like they close terribly well but work fine.
    And although there's restricted rear view you soon adapt to it.
    We went for the basic Cooper, if you can I'd go for the Cooper S and it's not the quickest.
    I've not had much luck with it though - in the past few weeks have been driven into by a lorry requiring a new rear door and other work, and had a road rage incident with a Neff van who scratched the front wheel arch surround...
    I was previously a bit snobbish about the BMW minis as I've owned "proper" mini coopers and my first car was a Morris Mini Clubman but they kind of keep the flame going.

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    ^Could make some great t-shirts out of some of them.
    Got any Tonka Sound System ones? Brain Club in Soho?
    I've kept a handful from the early 90s