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    I just managed to score around 350 pieces of vinyl off a colleague. Seems to be a lot of house, & hard house from the 1993-2000 era and some jungle/trance/jazz records to boot.

    So I think I'll be listening to some interesting house stuff for awhile...

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    That would be me then... Yep, I ride with two brakes cos it came with them... ;o)

    Which would be your bike? The blue On-One?

    Nope - I'm the one who rides the Charge Plug with the white bar tape and white Deep Vs - but am now riding with my stock winter wheels at the moment, and the rear brake on the front...

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    Doing a trip in April, cycling from Hoek van Holland and arriving for Koninginnedag would be awesome!

    I cycled last March from Purmerend to Buitenveldert in Amsterdam on my fixed - it snowed and had a very strong and cold wind while on the dykes - I gained a whole lot of respect for my uncle who does it day in, day out.

    And then I went cycling in the dunes of Vlieland (awesome island by the way) and got so much sand in the hubs and chain that I spent a day repairing the whole thing (the bike shops on the island are so helpful, friendly and have everything you need).

    It was also neat to see a Batavus in Politie setup (ie: blue, white & orange). Was almost tempted to offer to trade bicycles...

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    I think the funniest line from the Wu Tang Clan came from their song "Torture":

    "I'll fuckin' sew your asshole shut and keep feedin' ya, and feedin' ya..."

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    Then he dipped into a car, a stolen nova (? ),

    I think Slick Rick is referring to the General Motors disaster known as a Chevy Nova.
    That track is classic - Slick Rick was from Wimbledon if I'm not mistaken...

    Anyway, my favourite rhyme comes from Cam'ron in "Horse & Carriage" because it's rather surreal to hear a rapper refer to the ice hockey great Wayne Gretzky:

    Aiyyo, you might see Cam in designer underwear
    new reclining leather chair, reminders everywhere
    how we pull up in whips, the minors stop and stare
    and when it comes to girls, they behind us everywhere
    I mean, when I hang up on 'em, they pressin' redial
    I mean what the fuck is it, why you stressin' me child
    It'd be one thing if you were finessin' my style
    But when I go to court, you know the dress of the trial
    You not my wife, so if I ask head I be fowl
    you better be down, the only question better be 'how'
    Threaten' me now, bet me a thou, no dirl deadin' me now
    In the SC we're gone, are you sexy in thongs
    If you'll sex in the Lex and your head be the bomb
    I'll get you that stuff that Gretzky skate on
    What you mean "Gretzky be on"?
    Ice... hockey...
    Oh you're gonna buy me diamonds?!
    Shut the fuck up

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    Yes! Was just listening to this track.

    London Elektricity did a BBC Essential Mix in November - if you can get a copy of it, I'd definitely recommend it. Probably one of the best essential mixes I have ever heard.

    Bristol still has plenty of DnB going on - practically all the flyers you see around are promoting DnB events.

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    80s/90s theme at the moment:

    The Jets - Rocket 2U
    Mr Lee - Get Busy
    Black Box - Everybody Everybody
    KRS One - Sound of Da Police
    Raw Fusion - Do Your Homework

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    Current in winter mode, so I've got a 42x16 on 28s with shit AlexRims.
    Otherwise running a 42x15 on 23s with white Deep Vs.

    By the way, does anyone else think that Bristol has an extrordinary amount of broken glass on the side of every road?