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    A friend is looking for something along the lines of a Dawes Galaxy, but nice like vintage Bob Jackson.

    He wants to be both proud of it's loveliness, whilst also being able to consider a child seat in the future.

    Budget about £5-600. He'd need it built up and ready to roll. He's a new father and has not time for fiddle faddling.

    Ideas welcome

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    This is indeed a 1986. There's an '89 or so in the Classifieds section right now, the decals are better on the earlier ones.

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    I'm not so sure. The front basket is rack supported by design though, so functionality is coming back.

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    @Clara jumped straight onto cleaning it up. Previous owner kept it in very good condition. The drivetrain was near perfect nick. The tires held air. The rear brake cable was seized.

    The more she worked through it though, the more impressive the detail was.

    • Tange tubing with paw print details on top of the seat stays
    • Indexed thumbies
    • Sealed, buttery smooth hubs
    • Muddy Fox branded saddle, bars, grips
    • Fat mudguards from new
    • Sugino cranks and Suntour group
    • Proper shaped cantis (so rare on a mixte)
    • OG On Your Bike SE1 supplier sticker
    • The lights probably worked, but without those size D batteries, we shaved off 1kg.

    After cleaning, and with a nice little re-purposing of v-brake-cable-router for the rear brake, it already looks great.

    Yellow cable outer, fatter tires and the front basket are on the way.

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    During lockdown @Clara was giving up her time to get bikes back on the road in our local area for health, care and other key workers. One of the donations was a ratty black Raleigh mixte with mis-matching cranks that she fell in love with.

    It passed onto a new owner who needed it more eventually, but I started looking for something nicer for her to take it's place. Hence this thread: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3514­06/

    It proved difficult to find what I was looking for. So after I got an old 90s Gary Fisher which she liked, I started searching for 90s mountain bikes on eBay. Some great bargains out there.

    Low and behold, this came up, the perfect mix of both. It was delivered by PedalMe a few days later from Richmond.

    Updates in due course...


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    Just bought an '86 one of these in similar condition for @Clara. Best £135 I've spent on a bike.

    Yellow brake cable arrived today to match the logos.

    Well done whoever buys it.