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    I don't feel like my humour would be so well received there.

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    @Maj, I'm pretty sure it has rim brakes too.

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    There is a typo in this ad @user131024. It should say:

    Mint condition, bespoke-spec mega-hauling-tour-commuter built up by London's famous Brixton Cycles Co-op, (Brixton, London).

    Despite loving this bike, I have been extensively travelling the world by plane for the last year and a half. As a result, the bike has lain dormant inside my flat (with the heating on so it doesn't get cold). As a result it's basically in brand new condition and cost more than £1500 in 2018 . I feel duty bound to find a home where it will be free to reliably do absolutely anything bikes can do in any weather (as it was designed).

    Here's a portrait of the bike. I am not including a massive long build receipt, but if I did, it would say "Colour is Baby poo brown, Tiagra 4700 groupset, M Part headset, Conti Gatorskins on [insert wheels here]."

    £1001 o.v.n.o Collection from SE24.


    (P.S. I do actually know @user131024 and can vouch that a pretty decent proportion of the above is true.)

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    Looking for a friend, she's looking for a reasonably modern single-speed that an aging hipster has put a Sturmey 3-speed on to save their knees.

    I thought I'd ask here.

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    Ah crap. That would be way more than we paid for the car. It's a huge job though of course. I know the part was something like £700 when it was still available, but there's a lot of general maintenance at the back there too.

    How long ago @Dammit? I assume yours was an SLK55?

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    So we replaced the stolen electric car with a cat D hooptie SLK from 2004 already. Bit of an impulse buy, needs a lot of little jobs doing, but it was pretty well-priced. ULEZ exempt too innit.

    I am lucky enough to have a friend with access to a lift and we threw it up there yesterday for a glance at the undercarriage. I thought glavanised bodies meant I was done with rust. Turns out, there's a developing issue with the rear subframe (which is not galvanised, or in fact painted very well). Fairly common problem due to a design flaw apparently. Many have been replaced free of charge in the past, but I'm sure it's way too old now. This one might well yet be repairable.

    Can anyone:
    a. recommend somewhere good for repairing steel near south east London?
    b. share their own experience with these subframes?
    c. PM me if they work for Mercedes?

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    There's just so much over-engineering going backwards with functionality. I mean, a PIN. So much simpler and more secure than a key with a gyro an a transmitter. Plus I could change the PIN from time to time...

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    No. I've got three theories. It's got keyless entry, but the key has to be super close to the door handle, like 50-60cm. And inside the car to move it.

    One of the keys stopped working about 3-4 weeks ago. No battery failure, no physical damage, just stopped. Could a device have been hidden on the vehicle? Maybe. It's not consistent with what I understand about roll-jam attacks though.

    We store the keys about 7-8m from the front of the flat (it's only about 10m from front to back) because we're mindful of the sort of devices that can sniff and amplify key signals. Should I have gone further and built a Faraday key bowl?

    Apparently if you pick the manual lock (easy, I did it on a Skoda once), then it's possible to reprogram a new key. I thought you had to get the ignition on to do that, but maybe not. Or maybe a mix of this and the above.

    All in all, metal bar steering locks seem to be be the only functional security measure. The police also have no line of investigation, so trackers FTW.