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    I too have a reasonably large library of lossless music and am not really that into streaming, though I accept it does have its place.
    My solution for almost a decade now has been a NAS at home that serves my music to my phone/work computer over the internet using Plex. Plex essentially creates a private streaming service that can adjust the bitrate of the stream depending on whether you’re connecting over LAN, WiFi or mobile data. Each device has its own DAC with the quality Of the DAC dependent on use.

    You could certainly do this for £400 and a bit of time invested, especially if you used a micro PC with some storage rather than a NAS. If your files are already on an internet connected PC / Mac then you could do it for free or the cost of a plex licence / subscription. Plex does have limitations though, for example it won’t support MQA.

    Sorry, I know this doesn’t answer your question but it does give you an alternative option :)

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    Unless you’re already familiar with using a DAP I think it’ll probably end up becoming annoying having two players. Why not upgrade the phone’s storage (or subscribe to some streaming music service or other) and add an inline DAC like the Audioquest dragonfly or Cyrus Soundkey ?

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    Budget? Home use or on the go?

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    Agreed. I’m smitten with a pair of Fact 8s on ebay at the moment but this review has me a little concerned. If it helps I mainly listen to Electronica (four tet, Air, that sort of thing) and my listening room is not huge, plus speakers are closer to the wall than ideal due to kids etc.

    Safe option is the Kefs as I know how they’ll behave. The Fact 8s are promising tho.

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    I know, ASR HATES PMC speakers. The difficulty is that you can't measure everything quantitatively and ASR, in its quest for transparency, loses credibility in many people's eyes for failing to recognise that fact.
    Obviously I don't drink from the fountain of nonsense at What Caravan™ but it's also important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_syst­em_measurements

    Curious as to how you have narrowed down to those two options.

    @ChasnotRobert: Good question. I have Kef R300s and like the sound of them. So I'm sold on KEF, particularly their 3-way design. PMC purely because @Airhead recommends them and like KEF they have a huge following, so I can sell them on if I don't get on with them. I've kind of discounted Spendor and a few others because they aren't aesthetically appealing to me.

    I'm not really close enough to anywhere to demo several sets of speakers at home and anyway, I really can't be arsed to do so.

    I’ve got the PMC’s and they’re great. I would say they excel with mids and highs but they do struggle with bass.

    you have to try them, though. i think the TL sound is an acquired taste.

    thanks @Hobo, @BRM x

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    Ive boiled my options down to two speakers and need advice. Given the choice, which would you buy? new fully warrantied PMC Twenty5 23’s or lightly used KEF Reference 1s?

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    Where is your listening position in this diagram?

    Edit: and the door / other furniture?

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    Thanks guys - the basic problem is space! With the door where it is and the width of the wall, practically it’ll be more of an isosceles triangle...
    For these speakers, I don’t think it’s as vital to get them spaced from the wall since they (I think) are designed to be tolerant of small spaces!

    Your priority should be to get the speakers at ear level and as close to an equilateral triangle as possible. If you do wall mount them then point them down towards your listening position. You also need to think about wiring if you’ve a low PAF (partner approval factor).

    Alternatively, I’d suggest either ditching the turntable and putting the speakers on the drawer unit, or better, ditch the amp and the speakers and switch to a pair of stand mounted Sonos Play 5s (or any active speakers) which you can then plug your turntable into