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    the SiX looks the most fun with the channel and bus comps

    I know, right!

    a larger old-school analog live desk with a decent reputation and enough channels/busses to make everything hands-on

    Ta. Definitely hands on is what I’m after. There’s a case for owning both a performance mixer and a decent, full featured one for post.

    By digital I thought @Regal was referring to a standalone digital mixer

    This is why I asked for advice, I had no idea these existed 😀

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    Thanks guys and gals. Yeah definitely not looking for digital. Even @Regal ‘s suggestion of a plug-in makes me anxious. This is knob-twiddling therapy for me, I highly doubt I’ll ever properly produce a track. If I do, and I forgot to mention, I already have three Allen and Heath Xone:K2’s which will give me at least a 12 track digital mix down option.

    Cheers all x

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    I'm looking for a bit of advice about which mixer to buy. Current setup is simple, DAW-less and semi-modular: Moog M32, DFAM and Subharmonicon, I'm looking to add a drum machine later. Outboard FX, capturing down to a Zoom H6. I have 60hp free in a modular case if I choose to use it. I'm not recording anything I'm likely to publish, this is more weekend theraputic knob-twiddling.

    I've narrowed my mixer choices down to either an SSL SiX, SSL X-Desk, or Frap tools QSC with a Master controller. All are about the same price, give or take, though the x desk is the biggest outlay.

    The SSL SiX is attractive mainly for the onboard channel and bus compression. I'd struggle to invest in such a decent compressor otherwise. It can take up to 10 channels + FX when summing or six channels in mixdown which might be limiting.

    The X Desk is an 8 channel desk which will sum up to 16, but no onboard compression or EQ. Also it has no pre-amps but that's not an issue for me.

    The Frap tools QSC is 4 stereo pairs, stackable so I would likely buy another later. It's modular so I would physically play it alongside the Moog gear, which is something I really enjoyed with my last mixer (Roland MX-1). But again, no compression or EQ.

    My head says the QSC as I won't miss the benefits of a big-boy desk unless I'm actually recording multi-channel and then using the mixer in post. But the SSL compression seems worthy of attention.

    Anyone got any advice for me?

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    well blow me, I don't get how i missed that one. Last time I looked all the 49" panels were 3840 x 1080. I'm obviously getting senile in my old age.

    If your desk is strong enough to support it why aren't you also considering the Samsung Odyssey G9? You should be able to drive it at 120Hz with a USB C to displayport cable

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    also... personally I have had a 34" 3440x1440 monitor for almost 5 years and it's perfect. I don't understand why anyone would want a 49" panel with the same number of pixels as it doesn't increase your screen real-estate, will increase motion blur and has to be more likely to get accidentally damaged. Perhaps I'm missing something though

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    My dealer has a whole set of OPs which he’s splitting in case anyone is interested