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    I took mine a couple times over to Switzerland. Not a big deal - I got a cardboard box (for new bikes) from any bike store, took off the front wheel, fit the bike in the box, and then taped it shut. Wrote fragile all over though! (I would advise you to do that, seeing how they throw lugage around).

    Good luck!

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    Had a problem with my 16t cog, and had no tools on me: stopped at Recycle in Elephant and Castle for some quick help - fine they took it off for free but used an electric metal saw, and damaged my rim at the same time, all in 15 mins. Waste of time and unecessary damage.
    Rubbish exploiting store.

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    Wake up with El Scorcho, then on to serious bus/cabbie hatred with Rage Against The Machine!!!

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    Just don't go to La Rambla at night, or briefly pass through to go to the Barrio Gòtico clubs (an area near La rambla). A pair of hookers ever 5 metres. We got stopped there drunk and they started groping my friend. Be authorative and they'll fuck off to someone else.
    Check out a club called Razz (Matazz), an old warehouse type of club with excellent parties, but don't get there before 4 am. Remember, Spain has dinner at 11 pm, hits the bars around 1 and goes clubbing aroud 4-5. Enjoy!

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    I once had a squirrel race me: it ran just in front of my bike, practically under my front wheel. about 60m down, it turned its head looked at me, and dashed off under a parked car.. I think it may even have smiled at me. and yes, I was sober

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    I quit for 5 weeks (and counting!!) - definitely one of the best things you can do.. thou the odd fag with a pint is a must. Sense of smell and taste are back, thou I sometimes regret that (cf. blue smog from black cabs)...