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    here's my 2 cents

    While arbitrary culture is found amongst adults everywhere on
    earth, it is most easily viewed amongst children. Culture creates
    ideas of style compulsion, body image compulsion and action
    compulsion. To prefer pink over blue is a personal preference.
    To wear blue because you fear wearing pink is the destruction
    brought by arbitrary culture.
    Cultures limit the choices available to people by creating
    arbitrary rules for your life, and enforcing them with peer
    pressure. Crushing the spirit of people allows culture to gain
    their obedience.
    When people fear standing tall because they believe they are
    not sufficiently attractive, wealthy or educated, culture is
    crushing their spirit by teaching them that they have limited
    worth. People who do not know their own value are easy to
    The pressures applied amongst children are a paradigm of the
    culture of more powerful evil. Those children who are the most
    adept at understanding how to conform to cultural norms and
    apply the strictest enforcement against everyone else are the
    ones who gain social power. This is a type and a shadow of the
    culture of nations and kings.
    A model citizen of culture is one who patterns themselves
    precisely to the ideals of culture. In premise, this means style,
    speech, education and economics. In reality, this means
    obedience. Culture teaches people to idolize the perfect citizen.
    It does so because it desires your obedience as well.
    These people are rewarded by society for being easily molded
    by culture. The powers of authority and compulsion in all walks
    of life will always reward the model citizens with tokens of
    nobility and will always punish those who fail to meet the
    standards of servitude with humiliation and ridicule. Such is the
    creation of a culture. Such is the making of slaves.
    This breakdown of the human spirit eventually forces
    everyone to conform. Very few will even think of fighting the
    power structure, almost everyone accepts authority.

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    out. sorry, just realised its another fookin gemini birthday tomorrow..

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    ^dunno what yah on 'bout

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/co­mmons/1/1c/Liberace_Colour_Allan_Warren.­jpg*knew the day would come when i could post a pic of Liberace in p0rn

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    koolio, down for whichever route, seeyah at 6:30

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    Did a few hours in regents yesterday knowing the freds;chumps and dentists would of taken advantage of sunday's sunny weather but another afternoon there noway.

    so all in all i'm keen

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    really really good deal here, GLWS

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    thought it was £6?