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    If you're new the triathlon DEFINITELY do one the the Thames Turbo ones - go here to enter on-line. Cheap as chips compared to all the big name events too.

    We run 4 events on the morning of each bank holiday monday. There are still places available.

    The swim is in hampton open air pool (12 lengths, circa 430m), first swimmer off at 7am. Swim is in two waves and is seeded so there's as little biff in the water as poss - you just need a reasonably accurate 400m swim time.

    Bike is a pan flat course (21Km) and the run is a pan flat 5Km trot around Bushy Park. Atmosphere is friendly and NOT elitist.

    Swim: Goggles and either a full tri suit or at the very least padded tri shorts (no nudity in transition) so you'll be wearing whatever you swim in. You could do speedos and pull shorts over them in transition.

    Bike: Bike, helmet, number belt*, shoes and probably 1 bottle of water. If you're not wearing a tri suit (all-in-one) you'll need a top of some kind. It can be cold so maybe gloves and a windstopper top too. *(number belt - buy one for a fiver or make one out of inch wide elastic with a plastic buckle then pin your race number to it)

    Run: Running shoes, number belt

    I could go into specifics of other stuff you could use, but if you're just wanting to have a go, you really don't need shed loads of kit. As well as the fast boys on TT bikes with pointy hats, LOTS of folk do the Thames Turbo races on hybrids or clunkers and still have a great experience.

    The only thing you can't use is a fixed wheel bike, single speed is ok, but not fixed.

    As far as training goes the club runs a free 2 week trial where you can try all the sessions (contact membership via the website). 1 core strength session, 2 swim sessions, 1 group turbo session, 1 track session, 1 group run (1-1.5hrs), 1 group ride (3-6hrs depending on time of year) each week.

    (obviously i'm involved with thames turbo)

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    Not super cheap, but good non-the-less - CLICKY. I've got one of the original halogen light units.

    I swapped the bulb out for a 35watt one (from ryness) and bought a flightpower 3cell 11.1v lithium polymer pack off 'the bay' - which i charge with one of THESE.
    Connection between the light and battery pack is with the supplied power cable - which i've added a DEENSconnector to.

    I keep the pack (which weighs nowt and lasts for yonks) and connection in a neoprene phone sleeve which i attach to the stem with a velcro strap.

    If you're riding in heavy rain the pack really needs to be in a couple of sandwich bags to keep the rain out - lithium and water - now that'll give you a nice bright light…

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    Here are links to a nice out and back to brighton, though you could just use one or the other - not too much in the way of main roads which makes for an enjoyable trip. Heads out from Hampton/Hampton Court.
    OUT and BACK

    HERE's a link for the Surrey Rumble Sportif route. Nothing too challenging and makes for a good 5/6hr ride. I rode the event singlespeed.

    Finally HERE's a favorite surrey hills route (96km) with some pointy bits, could be done singlespeed though the ride up winterfold would probably be an experience. Doing it fixed might be a bit of an ask.

    Routes can be downloaded in various formats including Garmin 705 friendly.

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    i had a proflex - an all silver one - it was actually an ok bike.
    It was better than the cannondale delta V I had at the same time - which was a heavy piece of shit.

    As far as the Pace frame goes - why did Pace ever stop making them - RC200 F8 just beautiful. I don't have a mountain bike anymore, but would fine the cash if I ever saw an F8 for sale.

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    Updated the original post to reflect SOLD etc.

    @Dammit - i'm out of town, so it's postal delivery only, sorry - will keep your name on them until the end of today… PM'd you my PP address if you're interested.

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    Clearing out my excess of Oakley stuff.

    Oakley M Frame - Yellow frame, rust coloured sweep lens, cloth bag - SOLD
    Oakley M Frame - Silver coloured 'polished aluminium' frame, orange hybrid lens, cloth bag - £60 inc postage
    Oakley M Frame - red frame, clear sweep lens, cloth bag - £55 inc postage

    Oakley Clear, vented hybrid lens - SOLD
    Oakley Yellow, hybrid lens - SOLD

    Oakley Scar glasses, 'butterscotch' frame, 24k Gold iridium lens - £50 inc postage (provisional dibs to dammit)
    (these DO fold like normal sunglasses - lens tint is good for bright sunshine go HERE and click 24k to see)

    All have been used, M Frame lenses are in 'reasonable' condition - few marks, but nothing serious. Lenses on the 'Scar' glasses are in good condition - no scratches.

    Paypal would be my preferred payment method please.

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    duurrr, must have had a slow brain yesterday.

    Fork is for 700c wheels, 1 1/8" steerer, crown to top of steerer 197mm, rake 45mm.