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    You mean like my neighbour? Single mum with a 6-7 year old daugter. I think she is an engineer or something for Shell.


    I am only about £700k short.

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    Just found a family run business who live on the same stree and in a house wtih identical layout. They said because they only have to walk 2 mins, they are gonna knock £25 off. They got some good google reviews. So I guess they probably would be the best choice then...

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    I AM TRYING!!! :-D

    So level 3, asbestos survey, roofer check, damp survey at the very least. Got it.

    The most common comment from friends who know nothing about building surveys etc is - get those dreadful wallpaper removed, please. I mean they are not that bad, are they? I will remove them but probably not a priority.

    How would an electrician do a survey if most of the cables are hidden inside walls etc? I don't need then to go round to check the sockets, my mate can do it. I looked at the fuse box etc, it looks fine. The owner says they have been doing yearly gas check, so will ask when the next one is due and ask to see old certs...

    Gosh this is getting quite stressful!

    @Dugtheslug, we think the house is solid brick, the EPC cert said solid bricks and cavity wall, so I am guessing the extension is cavity wall. The gutter defo needs a good clean when I saw it last week, but that's the easy and cheap. Might even ask to see if they would get it cleaned. After all, I did offer more than what they were asking and they are in a chain, I am not... (I won't put it like that of course!)

    Sorry for the endless number of questions and thank you everyone!

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    I don't think I will ever be totally confident buy something this expensive. My ideal house would be a brand new build with all the warranty and receipts but the old standards.

    Re finding a surveyor, I am just looking at google reviewers and keeping my finger crossed really...

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    I called 3 companies, including the one you suggested. They all looked at the google map and listing pics and all told me it's solid brick wall. One of them said they will look at the brick work and the chimney and houses next to it and will be able to determine.

    I have been sent some examples of levels 2 and 3 reports, but I guess if they are sent from the companies then they are probably the best examples... I think my head is telling me to go with a level 3 anyway. Now it's not the time to try and save a few 100s. One of the sent me a desk report, if you are interested: https://sprift.com/dashboard/property-re­port/139-penrhyn-road-northampton-nn4-8e­e/1842226

    Another warning sign re the seller who couldn't tell their arse from their elbow; they don't have a ladder to go up to the loft and they have not been up. No worries, we are bringing ours, I will make sure the surveyor knows that. I will bring them a ladder if I must.

    The ceiling in the master bedroom and I think one other room has textured paint, so I am assuming it's artex until proven wrong.

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    hahahahaha! My mate is trying to borrow a damp meter when we go up next week!

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    The difference is about £300, I told them I have some concerns re the construction type and damp. I was told both levels 2 and 3 will answer those questions. Yeah, I guess £300 or so can buy a few buckets of paint, eh.

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    That's for later... :-)

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    So I spoke to the agent's broker as requested, it really was just a box ticking exercise, they asked me 3 questions: Salary, job and deposit. Of course they then tried to tell me how I should stick to my own broker but they are better. Anyway, offer accepted, property off the market, what do I do next?

    I mean I know what I need to do next, but any trap, special things I need to be extra careful?

    I am going up there with a friend who is a bit of a cowboy to check the house before committing to anything formally. Made some enquiries re survey and every company told me don't bother with a level 3, stick to a level 2. Thoughts on that?

    I am tempted to get an asbestos survey and a damp survey done separate to the homebuyer one. Is that OTT?

    I am going from excited to feeling quite nervous and starting to wonder - if I am making the right decision. I know I am, but man, it’s a lot money!

    Any advice would be gratefully received.