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    Has he suddenly started wearing reading glasses?! FFS, you couldn't make this up. Insane and hilarious.

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    Hillary's was a reasonable observation but not savvy politics, unusual for her!

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    Fair. Wasn't having a go at you, just the unproductive introspection of it all.

    And was it not Marco Rubio who queried the majesty of the presidential member?

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    All very virtuous but this is exactly the kind of liberal thought policing that has paralysed the left. It's to do with maintaining the moral high ground yes? To avoid being called a hypocrit? I will mock him however I see fit using my own standards and if it has more impact because it's uncensored then all the better. His appearance is absolutely up for grabs. His ludicrous combover and spray tan are signs of vain and deluded man. I wouldn't call him fat but I might say bloated because that also hints at his appalling bloviating bullshit artistry.

    Melania deserves derision too, she is a fully grown adult. Her grasp of English is pathetic given the many years she has lived in the U.S., and her image comes into play (only) in as much as she has trophy wife written all over her. I pity her, but she's either stupid or an arsehole. She and Ivanka have obviously had tons of plastic surgery and that says something about Trump and his world. To notice the evident superficially is not unfair.

    Part of the problem with the criticism I've seen and heard of Trump over the last year or whatever has been that it gets way to hung up on detail. Yes, he's said some diabolical shit but that's because he is a very nasty and possible mentally unhealthy individual. He doesn't seem to give much thought to the offensive crap he utters, so I'm not going to get hung up on the detail of it. To constantly refer back to the Mexican rapist comment, the pussy grabbing comment, the disabled person mocking is in a way to take what he says too seriously. It's not even worthy of analysis.

    His vacuous, vindictive, narcissistic, bigoted, lying, self-contradicting character is evident in almost everything he says, even just his manner. He exposes himself at every turn, it's uncanny. As many have already observed, any one of his comments might have been enough to disqualify anyone else's candidacy, but it's come so thick and fast that it's been impossible to keep up let alone hold him accountable. Shock and awe. Criticisms of him should focus on his fundamental impulses, not the wording of some throwaway nonsense he said over a year ago, gross as it may have been. It's just not effective.

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    I also find it has quite a short wheelbase. I dunno. Would gladly get something off the peg but again, I don't know where to look these days! There seem to be so many options now.