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Come to Norths, climb the hill. Smile after, if not during.

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    Your wife is already a legend (for putting up with your bike library)

    but respect is due

    Probably @Mikey5000 or @sasmon cast offs...

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    Wapha jeans ever coming back?

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    Good to hear - I would be interested to hear how you've got on with it. I actually got a new Moon light from Father Christmas, lucky for me. But it would be cool to hear a more long-term review of that one all the same

    Cubelite II arrived yesterday.


    1. small, and very bright (100-300) - bright enough to annoy people in
      the office
    2. auto-feature is actually a little blinding if you pop
      something on the shelf I keep it on at home
      3 attachment options
      (clip/saddle/and strap)
    3. battery indicator - this really is quite a
      simple and good idea


    1. I'm not convinced about the under the seat clip attachment, or I might need to mount it the other way around
    2. requires removing the strap if you used this function; I suspect
      those with fat fingers might break the strap/clip on attachment.

    I think for £21 this is a very good and easy to use light. Versatile; if you have only one use case (i.e for a bag/or under the saddle)

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    Can we make @amey unsafe and now supposed safe bike electric please? I feel it an experiment the forum needs to see.

    All the way to the dentist's chair

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    I accidentally clicked that link and now my Youtube algorithms gonna

    be Peirs.

    At least it was a bunch of mates doing it

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    It was a pleasure to be blinded by your light.

    367km give or take. Suspect I will get to 400+ but no more

    As nobody has added to this, ninja edit:

    Finished on 453k. (NYE at 1300). More than happy with that. I know what I could have done to get there and had some fun meeting old and new friends in the process

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    Amey, plan is to ride there, (see my mate and new kid for a quick bite), then train back

    They don't do aloo gobi in Kent so I can't bring you back any

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    200k (120k/10k/70k) in the bank. I'm not sure I will get a full chance to do it, but if anyone is tempted by a ride towards Cambridge (Fri) or North Kent towards Whitstable (Sunday) then please drop me a pm.

    Riding yesterday was lovely.

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    Thank you Mr Marx, bought one. I'm sure it it will take a few weeks to arrive, but looks very good at that reduced price.

    If anyone wants a smartbike voucher code (one time), please PM me. Preference giving to MrMarx...