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Come to Norths, climb the hill. Smile after, if not during.

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    Monday (@ 0640) is bin day.
    Last week one bin of refuse just wasn't taken. The whole bin; about 6X20l bags, all white, tied, with handles.

    (My council has separate wheelie bins, but hasn't introduced them council wide yet, i.e to my street, so I'll be needing similar labels @dubtap hopefully soon.)

    I will be like a hawk ensuring that this happens on Monday morning.
    I'm gearing the whole weekend around it.

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    If you do round 2, I'll readily buy 2 more. I really really like it.

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    Have ridden with it twice.
    Once at 7 degrees,
    Once at 9 degrees.

    I was actually warm

    I had a base+gabba+gilet.
    Now I know some of you will think that is crazy but I just don't get hot. It rained a bit on the second ride and the temp dropped to about 6 degrees. Felt quite lovely indeed

    Not getting to shorts yet mind, even at today's temp in London's famous London.

    Top tip, be careful when unzipping your jersey if you are going to have a wee...

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    Thanks for mine, it arrived today.

    I got a stamp!

    I'm one of those pesky types that alwys 'run cold', so I might even try it this weekend while most people are thinking of just a long sleeve jersey.

    It looks and feels a lovely product.

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    Thanks for your drive and efforts, lovely stuff

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    I happened to be in the park this am at about 1030.
    Just the police car and the crumpled rail and the car.

    It is the little 'up and down' bit just before Ham Gate if you are coming from Kingston Gate

    There was light rain this am.

    I had no idea a cyclist was involved and I hope they are able to recover

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    Tao interview with Cycling podcast from 44mins

    [Ineos Grand Tour episode]

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    New tag, All about getting those little grey cells working,Hastings.

    Worth many coin

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    DEATH TO THE GILET (maybe)

    As Charlton Heston probably said, you will have to take my gilet from
    my cold dead hands.

    I look forward to seeing how this works both with and without said item