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    Is the Langster frame still available?

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    Same here: Spacers.

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    Bridge of Spies: 8.5/10

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    Cycle to work daily, about 25 mile round trip depending which route I take. The go out with local road club on Sunday for a quickish 50 - 60 miler. All on a single speed I might add, much to the disgust, amusement, bemusement, and disbelief of my club mates.
    So probably mostly aerobic with short bursts of anaerobic.

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    Not sure I would classify if as any plan really, I just had a think and a bit of research about the chemists involved and it seemed obvious. It's practically impossible, and it seems quite dangerous to cut out all carbohydrates. So I probably end up eating about 25 -35 g a day in with the other stuff.
    The way I worked it out was that if my lady bod ran low on carbs over a long period it would switch over to fat as a fuel.
    I might be completely off my rocker, but for the time I have been on this I have eaten whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, so long as it's not carbs. I have paid no attention to how many calories I have taken in, just eaten whenever I was hungry.
    I'm no expert, it just looked logical when I researched the effects of sugar, carbs etc on insulin resistance and fat.
    Being doing this for over a month now and still feel like I have bundles of energy and haven't died, yet.

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    No real "plan" my bio chem friend explained how insulin turns off the fat burning side of your metabolism, it's a bit more complex than that, but that's the basics. So your body is set up to burn carbs only.
    Drop the carbs (no more than 25g a day) stay aerobic on the exercise and in a week I had gone from no ketones to 3.8. Stayed there for a further three weeks and presto.
    Weight loss and mucho energy, no sugar crashes. I suppose it's different for everyone, but worked for me. I especially don't miss the mid afternoon crash.

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    Urine strips.

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    Tried everything to lose love handles, all kind of fasting, 5:2, and loads of other crap.
    Given that I pedal 150 miles a week and am not a pie predator this was somewhat irksome. Then I had a chat with a biochemist. Stopped eating all carbohydrates and did a month on fat and protein only. Monitored ketones to make sure I maintained ketosis
    Lost 20lb feel full of energy, don't get " hangry" don't want a mid day nap. Seems that insulin was the problem all along. Now back to normalish diet with emphasis on fats and protein.

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    And a merry Christmas to you Mr Johnson

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    Much of my commute is on unlit A and B roads with a particularly dodgy 3 mile section of dead straight Roman road. Consequently I need front lights to actually see where I am going and rear lights with enough clout to show up at range. I use a Lezyne mega Drive up front, now 2 years old and going strong, and a combination of Knog Blinder R and Exposure Flare R at the rear. I find that the brighter the rear lights get, the wider the cars pass.