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    Bright Times crew, would anyone care to play some of your magic at our upcoming Canopy birthday party 24 November? I would most happily stock your Christmas beer fridge in return. Thanks, still on estelle@canopybeer.com x

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    I am misty-eyed remembering the early days of this ride! Obviously it's one of those things that is better in memory than reality. @clubman hope you are well. Me and @illy have 3 kids now so cycling adventures are on the back foot but based on your form I've got a bit of time to get back into it :)

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    the more the merrier.
    At the moment we're on for dubtap steve's 6 hour musical odyssey!

    We'd love to host Bright Times any time you want to come by the way xx

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    Bright Times peeps! It's been a while - a long time. We miss you over at Canopy Beer Co. Also we realised it's our birthday on Saturday (26 Nov!) and so we're rustling up a bit of a party.

    We already made victoria sponge cake beer (yes really...) but we are a bit light on music makers and shakers. Does anyone fancy playing some records? Thanks in beer of course. Would you email me estelle@canopybeer.com if you're up for it?

    Thank you and lots of love, hope to see some you sooner rather than later.

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    This, or a version of this, is happening at Canopy Beer Co on Sat 13 Feb 5pm-1am. Address details: canopybeer.com
    @snowy_again is coordinating music side. (I think/hope!)

    Hope to raise a glass with some of you there.

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    @Greasy_Slag that's just brilliant. I hated making Wayne angry because he sure did get grumpy!

    In other news, we're having a bit of a bash at the brewery in Wayne's honour. It would be nice to see some old faces there and catch up, and raise a glass to Wayne.

    Saturday 13 February (tap room is open from 12pm, but let's say from 5/6pm)
    Canopy Beer Co
    Arch 1127 Bath Factory Estate
    41 Norwood Road
    SE24 9AJ

    canopybeer.com (if you wanted to remind yourself of some of Wayne's work, or just find directions)

    love to all. x

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    As others have said, I'm not too good with the public sharing of the feelings. I'm so sad about Wayne. It seems almost cliched to say what a great bloke the dead are. But i'm sure I'm not the only one to have posted something here and then got a PM or a phonecall 5 minutes later from him, offering a solution. "Let me have a little think" was his catchphrase to me. "Hello lovely Stelle!"

    He has helped me time upon time upon time. He'd always call to find how a race had gone. He used to call to try to persuade me to join the Grupetto. We had so many unfinished conversations about Canopy and so many ideas of new fun stuff we would do.

    It struck me that although I may not have posted or visited here for maybe years, there are people that I consider friends who are here. There have been many nights at Wests, Souths, that crazy day in Hyde park with the pedalos (in the cold harsh light of 2016 I'm not sure why a bunch of cyclists were so hell bent on wreaking havoc in a boating pond!!)...all the polo.

    Aroogah, Markyboy, mashton, Brendan, Aidan, Oliver, Desi, Ved, Shinscar, Hael, Multigrooves, hippy, skully, lebowski, BRM, hippy, Velocio, Pip, digger, Scott...all of you. We ranged from "knew each other" to "friends" and we all knew Wayne. I want to send each of you my love, I'm thinking of you all, of the old times, the good times, the bright times.

    Wayne, with a sparkle in his eye and his fingers in all the pies.