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    I was just ahead of that first one, I heard this almighty cracking sound like breaking glass and turned around to see someone hitting the deck right in the middle of the bunch. Not sure but guessing from the sound it might Have been someone's frame or stem snapping in half??? Anyone know what happened?

    That might have been my mate Mark. We heard shouting as we came around the corner, saw riders by the side of the road and then I heard this mighty bang/snap and a thump, followed by a loud groan. Stopped, turned back and Mark was lying in the road with his bike half under him. I thought at first he'd just come off, then saw that the bike was completely snapped in half.
    I hadn't realised there was a pothole at all, so at first though that the fork had snapped. Then he was asking what he'd hit and we saw the pothole.
    After a few minutes getting himself together he was able to get up and off to the side of the road. A lady helped him out with some first aid. I gave him a survival blanket, then we gave it to the guy with the smashed arm and got some road cones out of a field to mark out the danger spot - that seemed to work as other riders slowed and moved well out of the danger zone.

    Mark and the other fellow got lifts home and to hospital from our good Samaritans with cars and they've also stored the bikes.

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    My mate Mark was the guy whose frame snapped in half at the dreaded pothole. I took a GPS fix for the loaction and reported it to CTC. The details are here should anyone need the location:

    He's fine, scraped, bruised, but other wise sore.
    I rode on, got to Dunwich at 8am.
    I seemed to have been behind the rain because I frequently rode on soaking roads, but with no sign of any storm, just clouds of steam in the headlight. I spent most of the ride feeling too hot.

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    Likewise, I just wanted to add my thanks to all. It was a great ride.
    Also apologies for grabbing everything in sight in the supermarket, getting on the train, not offering to share any of it and promptly falling asleep! Not very sociable behaviour! I was just shattered...
    Got home, had an hour's sleep and then went out for the entire day with the kids. At one point I realised that I'd had three hours' sleep over the previous 40 hours.

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    Hyde Park {Speakers Corner, 7pm} > Avebury

    1. YAL
    2. fussballclub (I think)
    3. gretsch?
    4. santino
    5. five-alive radMich (single-speed)
    6. Adders - 7.10 (Fixed)
    7. AlexB (loads of gears)

    Train > Countryside meet up > Avebury

    1. Stonehenge
    2. Dropout
    3. Dublinkevin
    4. fasih
    5. balmain

    subscribed but being coy:

    1. smiff
    2. fixedcheese
    3. dicki
    4. Mule
    5. Skully Tor
    6. Ultracrepidarian
    7. mashton
    8. KRZ

    Spent some time fettling the bike last night. Good to go.

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    Where are you meeting up in Hyde Park?
    It's a big place!

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    Any objections to me joining? I did this with you a couple of years ago and am an experienced night rider and long distance cyclist. I'd prefer to meet up in Hyde Park and ride from there.

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    I flew back from Bordeaux with EasyJet about 10 days ago.
    I used one of the CTC plastic bike bags and a lot of tape.

    It was no particular problem and obviously the bike handling is down to the airport, not to EasyJet. I had no problems or damage - BUT

    EasyJet is typically tucked away at the arse end of the airport (it was in Bordeaux) and you can guarantee that they will not have the scanner required for your bike.

    In Bordeaux I had to check in with EasyJet, acquire my luggage tages, sprint across to the large items desk and check the bike in, then sprint back to EasyJet's terminal to clear their security before boarding.

    Good news is that with the bike you get maximum luggage allowance which means I could check all my kit with the bike in a separate bag and then just take a tiny bag of hand luggage onto the flight.

    Note that you cannot put anything else into the bike bag - just the bike.
    This means that a second bag for your luggage is pretty much essential.

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    Just to clarify, is this July 6th?

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    I think the RMT are going to slowly slide in to the pit of toothless decline after the tragic loss of Bob Crow. His interim replacement on the Today Show this morning got absolutely shafted.

    It's not a hard argument to make, even. Closing ticket offices disproportionately effect those who require help the most, the elderly, disabled and new-in-town. Removing platform staff effects everyone's safety.

    The people to blame, unfortunately, are the government. The budget shortfall that TFL are attempting to rectify comes as a direct response to the cut in Government and MOL funding.

    TFL doesn't have a shortfall. It's sitting on huge cash reserves as a result of a failure to spend the money its been allocated year after year. This is why the hypocrisy of talking about saving £50m is so ridiculous. What it does have is a massive pension fund deficit. This is why they're so keen to see people out the door voluntarily, because it's much cheaper than keeping them on and paying their pensions 15-20 years down the road.

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    For Dynamo lighting - I've got the B&M and it's OK, but I'm not hugely impressed by the lighting output if I'm honest.
    There's also this: http://www.rosebikes.co.uk/article/axa-l­uxx-70-plus-steady-auto-front-light/aid:­642351
    Which is similar, but cheaper and with the same functionality.

    Nice frame though. I built myself a frame on the Dave Yates course a few years back and I'm now kicking myself that I didn't fit discs to it...