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    UEFA haven't done anything yet but the Bulgraian Prime Minister has told the chief of the Bulgarian FA he should quit.

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    Can anyone identify this movie?

    At least 10 years old (I think).
    The lead star is drugged and taken to (engage movie voice) a facility so secure that no-one has ever escaped.
    Upon making the last part of his escape he opens a hatch to finally see daylight only to find himself on a small platform in the middle of the ocean with nothing in sight.

    It's not Prison Break (the TV series) or Escape Plan (the film with Stallone and Schwarzanegger). Nor is it anything to do with Alcatraz.


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    Not having my front light suddenly run out of juice again during a fast descent in the pitch dark at 4am is worth quite a bit to me. Did not enjoy that.

    I've had my dynamo light fail on a descent (a combination of water ingress and hitting a bump in the road), that's not fun either.

    Having one light (whatever type it is) is a single point of failure.

    For LEL/PBP length rides I had two 4xAA powered B&M Ixon lights. Most of the time having one on, on low, was good enough for night riding, sometimes I'd need to move it to the higher setting if I was in the sticks and moonlight wasn't good enough. On descents I'd generally have one light on low and one on high.

    It also meant that if the batteries started to go in one (I could easily see the LED doing its red/green flashing) I'd move to the other light being the primary and then I could change the batteries at the next control.

    For the qualifying rides (or just other Audaxes) I did prefer a dynamo setup but those rides (well, PBP at least) require a backup lighting system to be shown at the bike inspection. Some times you can just get away with wafting another light under the inspectors nose but being risk averse I just went for a dual light setup and it was waved through without question.

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    Or steal their phone and index finger.

    Steal the phone and get a reasonable photo of the index finger fingerprint.


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    What do you mean about the 1-wire loop? Is it some kind of electrical configuration for your home wiring?


    By "loop" I meant "linear" in the above doc. It's much simpler than attempting stubbed or star type networks.

    This is completely separate from mains electricity wiring, but if I get my flat rewired and can put whatever I want in my walls all coming back to a central location then I'll add Cat 6 back to a patch panel and also get the necessary cable put in for a separate 1-wire network (probably a star network).

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    Ideally there'd be something both wireless and battery powered that could do it all (like the Tempe but with Humidity and Pressure) but I don't want to be changing batteries in things all the time - and non-rechargeable batteries aren't great for the environment.

    I did wonder about using a bunch of Pi Zero powered using PoE but since there's no ethernet wiring in the walls of the flat that's not a goer. If I'm running cables then they may as well be a big passive 1-wire loop.

    Even those IoT4.eu sensors need power and have a cable running to the thermocouple so there's some form of wiring already. The main reason for not using them is that I generally want two temperature sensors in each room, one for air temp and one for radiator pipe temp. Paying another EUR29 just for an extra temp sensor is a bit much.

    If I was able to splice in a second DS18B20 of my own into the wire and the system was capable of dealing with this then the price (including the humidity sensor) would actually be quite reasonable.

    The electronics and backend coding bits don't bother me, one of the previous projects was a RPi that would scrape the TFL live bus website and display the time and when the next local bus was due outside our house (it only goes once every half an hour). The Pi ZeroSeg module needed to be soldered together, which is less fun with lead-free sodder solder. One of the buttons would make it cycle through the buses due at the end of the road (Putney Hill), the other button would make it display a silly message for my daughter.

    (I think I used a PiZero for that hence the separate Wifi dongle. Using a PiZeroW would mean I can get rid of that bit.)

    I was going to place it in the hall by the front door where the existing alarm keypad is (and I can use the existing alarm cables to provide the 5V USB power for the Pi).

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    Interesting but moneygun.gif

    That'd be close to 300EUR for what I want to do (and not much cheaper if I didn't worry about humidity). I like the idea of monitoring barometric pressure too, will add one of those to my list for the outside monitor.

    Humidity sensors aside, I was planning on spending about 30EUR on the lot (already have a spare RPi to act as the 1-wire host). A bunch of DS18B20's, a 100m reel of 3 core cable, some heatshrink, zipties and a lot of swearing. Also means I don't use up a power socket or two in each room I want to monitor anything in. For now I was just going to isolate and remove the existing alarm system (we've long since disabled it) as it has a bunch of 3-core cables going to various most corners of the flat.

    If we ever get this flat rewired then apart from Cat 6 everywhere I'd also spec out a proper 1-wire architecture at the same time, that would simplify things a lot if the cables were already in the walls all going back to a central point.

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    Keep meaning to get around to hacking my home temp monitoring stuff.

    I want temp in 4 or 5 rooms using DS18B20's (although some rooms will be treated to a Honeywell HIH-4031 or similar humidity sensor as a bonus). All running back to a RPi or a ESP8266 so it can be scraped, stored on the NAS and graphed at my leisure.

    Then I'll add another temp/humidity sensor for the outside world and also a few DS18B20's ziptied to radiator pipes in various rooms and possibly the HW and CH outlet pipes of the boiler to keep an eye on the heating system.

    But, yes, working with computers all day long does sap my motivation somewhat. I've got a huge list of home projects and this list only ever seems to grow.

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    Coleen Rooney, PI

    WAGatha Christie

    (Stolen from twitter.)