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    Since September or October - I forget.

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    Long time since I've posted here, but I think I can help.

    Freewheel on Hayes Street - small, but surprisingly well-stocked.
    Freewheel on Valencia Street - bigger, but more road-oriented.
    Box Dog on 14th Street - occasional gems, but mostly 'my first track bike's, lots of Iro and such. Nice parts selection, though.
    Pedal Revolution on 21st Street - mainly used, but decent stuff. Some track parts and accessories.
    American Cyclery on Stanyan Street - good selection, but high prices and shitty attitudes from 90% of the staff. Although, if you look like you have money, they may treat you better.

    Now, if you can make the trip over the bay to Oakland, get thee to Montano Velo on Piedmont Avenue. For starters, I work there, for seconds it's the home of Broakland Bikes, for thirds, we have a fair stack of track stuff on hand, for fourths, we have a dog named Cipollini.

    I'm working all this week, but my mum's coming over to visit next week, so I'm taking some time off. If you can get across before Sunday (we close on Sundays) come in and ask for Jonathan - I'm the only Englishman there, so I'm a little hard to miss.

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    Seriously tho', good luck Barack Obama... Whether he's gonna make any difference or not it's still a step in the right direction for the US if they elect him... I never thought I'd see a black Presidential candidate in my lifetime... That's a very, very good thing...

    Hollywood can be very prescient sometimes...

    I have to agree with both the hope that Obama gets in and, sadly, the fear that he'll be another Tony Blair. The similarities are striking - young, fresh-faced, former lawyer, seems on the level, promises change etc. etc.

    Well, I guess my adopted home is about to decide.

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    Ok "dude", I will break it down for you: Stevo is one of the nicest, least objectionable people on this forum, and if you ever had the pleasure of having a beer with him, you would know that his comments are light hatred, and well-meaning, as that is the kind of person he is. You, being wound up tighter then a homophobic squirrel's asshole, for reason possibly relating to the size of your genitals, when compared to other men, have deiced to stat a fight with him. This action, when viewed alone, is hardly understandable, but given that this particular forum is full of more objectionable individuals, my self for example, whom no one would be particularity shocked, if you attempted to engage in a bout of fisticuffs, your action is unjustifiable. I sincerely hope that you sir, are not the tattered cloth, that an urchin has used to clean himself after defecating, and then discarded, that you have made your self out to be.

    Also, I highly doubt your ability to overcome Stevo's prowess at the test of strength and wills that is a bout of modern fisticuffs, and if you engaged in this endeavor, I sir, would wager heavily against you. Furthermore, after Stevo, gives you the most humiliating, defeat, of your, presumably young life, I and many other members of this forum would have to follow to the ditch on the Welsh frontier, where you body would be lain, and relive our bladders upon you, after dining on fine local ale, and asparagus.

    That is all.

    It's the commas.

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    I'm about to get slated for this, I'm sure - but you, my friend, sound like the exact person that the OTP track bike was invented for.

    Buy a nice, basic, complete bike (I personally recommend the Fuji Track, based on my own experiences), throw a front brake on and be done with it. Not only will you have something that handles more like a 'proper' track bike, but you'll have something that will hold a lot more of it's value than a conversion for when you come to sell it because you either get bored with fixed or get the upgrade bug.

    Seriously, I really think that this would be the best course of action for you.


    Less than 300 bones.

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    Turpe, I love the pipebomb, one of my favorite frames from new frame builders, but I bit step for my pocket, any how amazing piece of steel

    Why, thank you. I decided to go for the Street Fighter for my own personal bike. The geo on the PipeBomb is designed for a 650C front, and I'm a bit more of a traditionalist, so went for the simpler frame and just ported all the parts from my Uno over (box-section rims, drops, etc. etc.) to make a 'classic' looking build that just happens to be a very obnoxious shade of orange, like so:

    The mix of tubing gives a really nice, stiff ride, but it's surprising comfortable. Also, WoundUp forks are amazing pieces of kit - if you ever have a couple hundred quid burning a hole in your pocket, I'd spend it on one.

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    Hey man! Jeez it was manic! Not stop superstar action. I couldn't keep up with all the customers! ha ha.
    They were good dayz. Don't see a lot of that anymore.
    Maybe the Jeff Staple NB release caused a bit of mania recently but it's all been rinsed nowadays.
    Good memories.

    How's thing in SF? You enjoying life there?

    I rode home from work in a t-shirt tonight. Yes, I'm enjoying life very much here - my new job is managing a bike shop that stocks high-end road bikes and is the home of Broakland Bikes (handmade steel track bikes).

    It's pretty nuts to be surrounded by Times, Cervélos, Moots' and Pegorettis all day, but work with a bunch of down-to-earth guys that are the antithesis of the 'corporate bike world'. We went to Vegas for Interbike recently and spent twice as much time playing in traffic on the Strip and riding an empty pool we found than we did looking at bikes.

    Fun times, indeed.

    As Rodney P once asked... How's Life In London?

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    New Nitto bars B259SL B200SL from EAI so should end up here at some point.

    We got these in at my shop last week (I'm in the US). They're actually pretty narrow as they come - about long enough for a set of Ourys to reach from the end to the bend - but they're heavy as all shit. Seriously, so heavy that I think they are solid rather than hollow.

    Honestly, they look great on the shelf but, unless you're going to run bare risers (forgive me for pointing out how stupid that would look), who the hell is going to ever see the rounded ends?

    Nice idea on paper, but a real world fail, IMHO.