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    Thanks, but I picked up some little manfrotto portable thing a while ago which is fine for my current purposes.

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    Entries open for BCM on 1st December according to YACF.
    Memories of how miserable my second BCM was have faded sufficiently that I was going to sign up, but it clashes with a much more fun multi-day Scottish thing I'm doing. So will maintain my retirement from 200k+ events for a while longer. Possibly permanently.
    But would highly recommend it to anyone that's not done it before.

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    Yes, I'm a really light sleeper, so we decided we'd keep our bedroom as the one dog-free room in the flat, so was keen not to even have the crate in there.
    Though this may be subject to revision in the future. Particularly if it gets colder. She's a pretty effective hot water bottle.

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    Yes, I tried mattress next to the crate for a night earlier on, but she just wanted to get out and lie on me instead and i gave up after a few hours.
    Was feeling really bad about the sofa thing and felt like it was going to never end, so it was a huge relief when it only took one night of very intermittent crying to get her sleeping happily in crate. I did have a couple of large whiskies to steel myself beforehand...

    I assume you're doing all the stuff to make her crate a fun place to be in daytime? Ada's been finding lots of surprise bits of chicken and ham in her crate in the day.

    Though she still gets unhappy if I confine her in there for very long when she wants to be out playing /destroying stuff.

    She's had quite a few very manic bursts where she's ended up running round biting everything and have had to swiftly shut her away to calm down.
    Not hugely different to my younger daughter in this respect, but Ada burns out a lot quicker.

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    Have experienced plenty of (seemingly) random onsets of fear with my children so will hopefully not get complacent.
    Her first vet visit was definitely pretty easy in comparison to likely future ones.

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    On her first visit to the vet she fell asleep mid-examination...
    But will be keeping it up. Currently only things that she's really shown fear with are weird things like walking down a slight incline or some corridors.
    But having been reading up on dog development stuff I'm sure it won't always be easy.
    Am aware she's not really teething properly yet which I suspect will be hard.
    Also need to get her to stop jumping up at people with excitement - which is difficult because so many people want to say hello to her and encourage it. Obviously it's cute when she's this size but it won't stay that way.
    She has done a great job of helping kids with fear of dogs though. Has won over a number of quite nervous children.
    Though six year old's version of dog training is pretty useless.
    Haven't done train or bus yet come to think of it - should probably see how that goes.

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    The swallowing a squirrel whole story has been enthusiastically repeated to lots of people by my daughter who thinks it's the most amazing thing ever.

    Ada update - been too busy to actually post on here, but she's doing great. Can't believe how fast dogs grow - she doubled in weight in under a month.

    Whoever recommended yak milk chews - thank you - she's not been able to destroy one of those yet.

    My one failing with her had been letting her sleep on me on the sofa for the first few weeks - every night when it got to bedtime I couldn't quite face a night of sleep deprivation, so gave in. Was expecting to have a traumatic time getting her to sleep in her crate after that, but in the end I did one night of controlled crying (she woke up about 4 times and cried for 15 mins or so) and since then has happily slept in crate through the night. Didn't even want to come out this morning.

    She's very well socialised with people already - collecting children from school means she gets mobbed (by teachers in particular), which she's taken in her stride. My best method for telling when she's tired is when she loses enthusiasm for trying to say hello to every passer by.

    Have been introducing her to other dogs as much as possible and she's not shown any fear or aggression, though is a bit too enthusiastic about trying to play with them. I need to find some more equally lively dogs locally.

    Anyway, more pictures...

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    Your kids are wise.
    Up to a point. Obviously running around shouting with an excitable puppy tends not to reduce chance of getting jumped on.

    She's already chewing everything and aware it'll get worse. Need to order a load more chew toys as she's going to destroy them. Plus none of them seem to really satisfy her for long - I got a bunch of cheap edible chews from pets at home and those keep her occupied for longer but don't last.

    Already getting good at not leaving shoes anywhere within reach. She's already managed to get a few back to her crate before rescuing them.

    Have been focusing on making her crate a fun/nice place to be for the moment and then going to start establishing it as somewhere she gets shut into once children are back at school and I can concentrate.

    Will get browsing for harnesses.

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    Finally got 2 minutes on computer to reply. Puppies + children at same time are hard work. Will be a lot easier when they're back at schol tomorrow and I can maybe do some trainign without being constantly interrupted.

    Yes socialisation critical. I took Daisy out into the park in my arms pre jabs before was allowed to put her on ground so she could watch what going on. Also held her and let her say

    That's good to know - had been intending doing that this week if possible. Have a friend with a very well trained malinois who she's met already and I'll probably take her over to their dog park as they know all the local dogs already + imagine observing well behaved dogs is good for her.

    Got any thoughts on collar vs harness once we get to stage where I can walk her? Have seen both recommended. Collar seems like it would be a lot easier but she's going to be strong. Just weighed her and she put on over a kilo since Friday. She's noticeably bigger than a week ago.

    Can already see little bits of stuborness - she is definitely not keen on going outside when cold or wet. But also can see her confidence growing - have put her in multiple different situations in the last week (children's playgrounds where she got mobbed, trip down to my parents for weekend, etc) and she's taken it all in her stride.

    Have ordered that book as had been meaning to get another one - one I've been using is a bit oddly structured. Defintiely want to get on top of training early. She's doing pretty well with 'sit' and I've made a start on 'drop' which sounds useful.

    The kids definitely need some training. They're still getting stressed when she's exciteable because they're worried she'll nip them. Which is entirely possible when she's over excited. So trying to get them to practise being calm plus also that they're in charge, not her.
    On the other hand she's already done a huge amount of good in comforting them when they're upset. Younger daughter had a massive tantrum last week and she put her head on her lap and she'd calmed down within five minutes.

    Better get back to kids/dogs. Got more people coming to visit her this morning. We're suddenly very popular... plus she's got a kid's halloween party to go to this evening.

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    Will look forwards to pictures. May do classes but haven't had time to plan much this week. I have friends with very well trained dogs so hope she'll learn hanging out with them too.
    Haven't got as far as thinking about leaving her on her own, but being freelance it shouldn't be an issue for a while. Plus have many dog loving friends so I'll drop her off with them if we need to leave her until she's really ready for it.