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    Posting this on behalf of Isen (Matt and Caren being too busy to get round to posting this themselves) -

    The tenant who was renting a section of their workshop unit is moving out, so they have a large space available to rent. Their gumtree ad is here, but in my opinion the photos don't really do it justice - it's much brighter and nicer than it looks here. But my willingness to help doesn't extend to going to Mitcham to take better photos so you'll just have to take my word for it.

    Best to get in touch with them direct if you're interested, though I can probably make an educated guess at some answers here. Feel free to share with your non-lfgss friends.
    HELLO@ISENWORKSHOP.COM or 07825649481

    Lovely Bright and spacious 600sf Workshop/Artist's studio to let in Mitcham South London. Available 1st November 2019

    £840 per month (+VAT if applicable)

    You would be renting the end section of this workshop. Sharing with our creative business which occupies the rest of the unit. There is a partition wall tht separates the rented workshop area from our business. We would ideally like to rent this whole 600sf area to an artist/creative type/business but would also consider renting area as bench/desk spaces. The space is currently occupied by a carpenter. The space could also be used for storage as the ceilings are very high.

    The price for big bench/desk space and surrounding area (about 150sf share) is £250/month (with no VAT to pay).

    Water and rates inc. Electricity billed as used. The unit is first floor with a loading bay window if you have large items.

    Toilet, sink and kithcenette facilities. Particularly suitable for anything creative. Short term/long term. 24 Hours access.

    10min walk from stations (Colliers Wood - Northern line, Mitcham Eastfields - Southern Rail).

    Please detail in your response what you are planning to use the space for and your telephone number so we can contact you.
    2 months deposit , 1 month rent in advance required.

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    Yes, very probably. 'Enjoying' third consecutive damp Kent cycle since I got back from doing Torino-Nice. It's a been a bit of a come down...

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    Yes, that was what my first set was like.

    Actually being too cheap to buy any more tyres for a while, I've stuck a thick puncture repair patch on the inside of the tyre under the cut and this seems to have sorted it. The last time I tried this failed totally, but I went to a bit more effort cleaning up the inside of the tyre first this time and it held without any issues for the whole of the ride I did yesterday.

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    On the other hand I've pretty much run out of patience with G-One speed 30c (I think - their tyre naming is so confusing). Ruined a nearly new one yesterday by rolling over a piece of glass at end of my road. Which is the second one in a row that's not lasted more than a few rides. Don't know if they changed the compound or something. My first set (when they were called S-Ones or something) lasted for ages.

    The lesson is probably just not to ride bikes in the UK.

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    I vaguely remember saying I'd report back on G-One Bites 2.1 after Torino-Nice rally. They were pretty great overall - no punctures whatsoever, despite a lot of the gravel being borderline MTB terrain & they didn't feel too sluggish on the road bits. Overall would recommend.

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    Hopefully you've got all your bad luck out the way and the rest of the ride will be great.

    Plus I suppose at least it didn't happen on the ride when it would have been much harder to sort a replacement bike.

    Good luck everyone doing pbp.

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    Based on my experience of failing to finish LEL, don't make too definite plans about average speeds or anything. I went into it thinking of it being a straightforward series of 300k day rides with sleeps inbetween. The reality worked out very differently. My average speed plumeted as the ride went on and I wasted a load of time trying and failing to sleep early on. In retrospect I'd have been much better to ride as far as possible without sleep initially, building up more of a time buffer to cover me for later in the ride.
    This isn't to be discouraging or pessimistic - you'll be fine. Just don't expect things to go exactly as planned. Weather, sleep stops, etc are all a bit unpredictable.
    (no idea why I'm giving advice having failed to finish anything over 600k, but have spent a lot of time thinking about where I went wrong on LEL. Though it's quite a different ride as well of course).