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    It'll be part of the conspiracy where the virus was predicted in a book from 40 years ago which proves it's all been planned. Or something. If you ignore it actually being from two books and it not actually being very accurate anyway https://fullfact.org/online/book-didnt-p­redict-coronavirus/ . The amateur detectives on my local facebook parent's group are onto them though.

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    Sorry, I totally forgot to follow this up. Did you mean third (I think) generation Mercedes? Do you know if the 4th gen ones from 2009/10 onwards are more or less reliable? Read conflicting stuff on the web. Ruling out C class as too small, but E class is quite appealing, particularly because the 7 seat fold down thing is potentially really useful for child transportation.

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    Super C Rack Bag please, will PM

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    Probably overkill in terms of power for our purposes. Would be fun but I'd probably be more sensible going for a less fast Superb if we were going to. Which then seems a bit boring. Which is totally irrational. I suppose it's also that we had a skoda last and feel like something different.
    Been reading up on E-classes and do sound fairly reliable. Can live without it being amazing on fuel as we don't do huge mileage aside from occasional scotland trip.
    We had an old A class that kept going for ever despite me totally neglecting servicing+maintenance, so feel fairly positive about Mercedes in that respect. That's probably very irrational again.

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    That's very kind of you but I think it'd make whatever we end up getting seem too disappointing in comparison.
    A V70 still makes most sense really based on boot size and comfort, it's just the ULEZ thing really limits the choice. Plus buying such a high emissions car seems a bad thing. I don't know, really torn on whether to go for something more expensive or just try and get something for around 5k which doesn't require borrowing more money.

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    I thought yours was an e class. I'm really unobservant when it comes to cars.. . Definitely want closer to e class sort of size. Last two cars have been 3 series (tiny boot) and skoda octavia (much better). Don't want to go smaller.

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    Sounds fun. Also sounds very unlikely to come up very often in non huge mileage.
    Plus I don't need something super fast. I don't want something super sluggish either, but I should probably be prioritising 'reliable family car' a little more.
    A less fancy version of Neil's car does sound quite appealing.

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    Yes was just checking and was surprised it was too. Older than I was considering but I do quite like them. Plus want to finally get a towbar bike rack so towbar is useful.

    Passat last time I looked non-diesel seemed pretty rare.

    I thought usually it was only post 2015 diesels that were ULEZ? Which I assumed would put most over our budget.

    If you want to get rid of your car for a stupidly low price Neil, I'm keen... must be about time for a new project?

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    Can also recommend this approach - it's how we've got 2 children plus a load of stuff to Scotland several years running. To Arran this exact way last year. I camped overnight somewhere in the borders, then met family at the ferry terminal station. It's obviously not the cheapest option, but is best for preserving everyone's sanity while still taking bags, bikes, etc.
    Ardrossan wouldn't be too painful a drive to do in one go if you started early.

    While I'm in the car thread - any biggish estate recommendations for a budget of 5-10K? Must be ULEZ compliant and comfortable (I have a bad back). Sold our previous car and realising not having one is a massive pain. Was looking for a late 2000s V70 but there aren't many non-diesel ones around and we have to get something before Easter so probably need to widen the search. Would sort of like a 5 series due to having a bmw before and liking it, but suspect this would end up horribly expensive to keep going.

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    I don't, I just pay someone else to paint them really nicely and hope no one notices.