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    Jacques Anquetil 175mm
    Lance Armstrong 175mm
    Magnus Backstedt 177.5mm
    Ivan Basso 172.5mm
    Paulo Bettini 170mm
    Chris Boardman 170mm
    Tom Boonen 177.5mm
    Santiago Botero 172.5mm
    Fabian Cancellara 177.5mm
    Angel Casero 175mm
    Mark Cavendish 170mm
    Mario Cipollini 172.5mm
    Alberto Contador 172.5mm
    Nicole Cooke 170mm
    Fausto Coppi 171mm
    Danilo Di Luca 172.5mm
    Malcolm Elliott 172.5mm
    Cadel Evans 172.5mm
    Stefano Garzelli 172.5mm
    Tyler Hamilton 172.5mm
    Bernard Hinault 172.5mm
    Thor Hushovd 175mm
    Miguel Indurian 180mm (190mm for second Hour record!)
    Laurent Jalabert 172.5mm
    Sean Kelly 172.5mm
    Kim Kirchen 172.5mm
    Levi Leipheimer 172.5mm
    Greg Lemond 175mm
    Brad McGee 175mm
    Robbie McEwen 170mm
    Eddy Merckx 175mm
    David Millar 175mm
    Francesco Moser 175mm
    Marty Northstein 167.5mm in Keirin (170mm in kilo)
    Scott Nydam 175mm
    Graham Obree 175mm
    Marco Pantani 170mm (180mm in mountains)
    Alessandro Petacchi 175mm
    Yaroslav Popovych 172.5mm
    David Rebellin 172.5mm
    Roger Riviere 175mm
    Jean Robic 170mm
    Tony Rominger 172.5mm (175mm for Hour record)
    Carlos Sastre 170mm
    Oscar Sevilla 175mm
    Andy Schleck 172.5mm
    Frank Schleck 172.5mm
    Ondrej Sosenka 190mm
    Jan Ullrich 177.5mm
    Christian Vande Velde 175mm
    Rik Verbrugghe 175mm
    Jens Voigt 177.5mm
    Bradley Wiggins 175mm
    Erik Zabel 172.5mm
    David Zabriskie 175mm
    Alex Zulle 175mm (180mm in mountains)

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    I ride fixed on 177.5mm Campagnolo track cranks, for my extra long femurs, anyone want to come on one of my 2-3-4 hour road training rides around Richmond Park? Those slick looking Velocity V's of yours are just a dead weight up hills, but they look really coooooool, cruising for chicks at 5mph :)

    Perhaps you're worried you'll get your white/yellow tyres dirty?

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    Easy solution - just take the pedals off ... end of problem ;)

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    I'm riding 177.5mm cranks (fixed) on a frame with 260mm BB height. It's all to do with the technique in the corners, knowing what the crank positions are when you cut through the apex of the corner.

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    The bottom bracket is too low on the Langster for proper track racing. Perhaps have a look at the Pearson Cycles website, they have some sweet looking track/road frames and fixed bikes for reasonable prices.

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    It seems an unusually large sum of money has been spent on this bike, built with the exquisite 953 tubing, that won't be raced or hammered, just toodling around some country lanes at horses pace?!

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    Are you allowed to post your own stuff on here ... 'cus I've just listed some luberly track cranks on eBay :o)

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    This does need a bit of stealthly fine tuning however this game does work especially well on corners.

    When you see peds stepping out onto the road without seeing you, just clip them slightly on their shoulder as you ride by. Timing and speed has to be of military precision, too much of a shoulder brush and you will bounce off them, making for a spectacular "self-induced" wipe-out!

    The joy of hearing their scream of surprise when you've just skimmed them and they didn't even see you coming! Even better if they need a chance of underwear afterwards!