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    this hat is still available

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    Was wondering if anyone knew a good source for duck canvas? and also where in the UK you can get bespoke Leather embossers made?

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    yes this was a BGWMC issue, not us, please bring cameras!.....if you are a pro...just make yourself known as Rob says.

    Will do! thanks all.

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    Is there going to be an issue with people taking photographs at these, like what happened down at bethnal or was that a one off because of the working mans clubs over-inflated sense of cultural worth?

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    Im in London this xmas. Def going for an early morning ride through London but was thinking of something like 8! maybe 9 is more realistic

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    Prob a repost but a classic. Blaze on point
    YouTube - My Beat (Original) - Blaze Feat Palmer Brown

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    corny/ben Ive sent some stuff through you send it and email. Hope its not too late
    Good luck

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    cycled past easts last night round 9ish....noone outside...whats happened to easts? Gone inside...gone west?

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    Good work fella.