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    Just putting a final price for the complete bike now before it goes on ebay. The price my mate is after is £400 complete. It can be picked up from Liverpool or posted at the buyers expense.

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    Didn't read about the rules...sorry about that. I will get him to give me some prices and will put them up. For full bike and split.

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    He may be up for splitting if nobody wants to buy (and even split themselves) so just send offers for everything here or to his email preferably.


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    I only said £600 to get the ball rolling...get a bit of haggling on the go! I will tell him about the splitting so people can just make offers here I suppose (full bike or parts) and I will see what he says. It is a lovely frame though and considering it is a conversion it has a nice geometry to it and feels really solid.

    Keep the offers rolling in and I will give him a shout tomorrow.

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    As I said it isn't my bike so I can't really say. He definitely wants to sell it but is unsure how much. If nobody makes a sensible offer here it will go on ebay I think. This isn't my friend's price but with them compnents and the condition of them (near enough brand new!) I would be thinking around the £600. Even if people think this is off the mark it might get the ball rolling.

    Forgot to say it is located in Liverpool! Something may be able to be sorted though as he sometimes travels to London.

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    A friend of mine is selling this lovely Pollard bike converted to fixed with some quality components. The frame has been professionally painted (by a frame builders) a nice dark blue to a top finish and the pollard decals applied in green.

    The specs are as follows:

    _531 tubing on frame and forks (lugged)
    _top tube = 58
    _seat tube = 57
    _cable guides removed but bottle bosses kept

    _Dura Ace cranks (logos not scratched, non-drive side has a couple of surface marks)
    _Dura Ace chainring
    _Andle Cog
    _good quality chain (don't know but will be of a similar quality to the rest!)

    _Mavic Open Pro
    _Dura Ace Hubs
    _Gatorskins (still with mouldings!)


    _Nitto Risors
    _Oury grips

    _Bernard Hinault Turbo (bit of wear and tear but no rips and logos still there)

    _Laprade (with flutes all round...marks were it has been tightened)

    _Paul lever
    _Dura Ace

    Foot retention:
    _Gipiemme Sprint pedals
    _Cinelli toe clips
    _nylon straps

    Lights (thrown in for good measure!):
    _cateye front
    _electron rear

    I am selling this for a friend so I can't really answer your questions but I will try. Failing that you can email him directly at pk@pepperedsprout.com I have been an honest as I can so any queries just email him and he can send more pics over.

    He is looking for sensible offers and a good home for a bike (that has done less than 100 miles since converted / painted) which can be listed here or emailed to him directly.

    Here's some pics anyway:

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    something for the ladies! flat tyre fail...well everything fail!