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    Thanks Oliver. The only distinct mark would be that the tension screw underneath was brand new and shiny while everything else was fairly old (and of course that it had taken on the shape of my ass after about 6 years of riding it). I will be down at brick lane tomorrow morning again to have a look. After that I guess I have to forget about it. My next one will be embossed with my name or 'touch and die'.

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    yup. thats the plan. Although I am not quite sure who to call when I see it. Wouldn't approach those dodgy sellers. Roxy posted a number of the market warden here ones but thats a long time ago.

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    My brooks saddle just got stolen outside the Dove on Broadway market. Saturday evening around 9:30. Had it for 6 years and has real sentimental value. Done many many miles on it. Black Team Pro. The one with those large round copper bits on there (whatever they are called). It was even locked with a cable which they cut. It might be easy to recognize as it had a pretty new tension pin (which I just replaced recently) while everything else looks fairly old and worn in. If anyone is offered one or comes across it please let me know. Thanks!!!

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    Would anyone have or know of a double bedroom to rent right now?
    Its for a German couple for three months. Both graphic Designers. Somewhere East.
    Both nice, super reliable and sociable. No cyclists I am afraid. One of them is the new intern in our studio. They are quite desperate to find something this week.
    In case, please post me a message. Cheers

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    done it last year and the year before but had to miss out this year. Fucked my knee. One week of jogging on concrete has done more damage than years of riding. have fun everyone! I'll be there again next year.