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    Hi Team Pantani
    My chum got me a ticket for the film this eve and I can't go. Anyone want to buy it off me - face value £25?
    It'll be a good one!

    STOP! It's gone.

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    Oh yes - so it is

    If it's nice....post it twice!


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    THIS PARTY WILL ROCK! Stokey knees-up all powered by peddles!

    In this unstable epoch Human Torch presents: ……………….DISCONNECTED

    A night of pedal powered mayhem where the power down and the people
    will need to participate to keep the night going.

    We've convinced the owner of the Old boys Club in Dalston to turn off
    his power for one evening so that the sound system and lighting will
    literally feed off the energy of the audience, who provide the power
    by getting on bikes(provided by the magnificent revolution cinema
    crew) to generate the electrical energy needed to keep the fast paced
    show on the road.

    The varying pace of the night is dictated by its progressive musical
    drive which we have christened 'Zorba music'. This related to the
    tempo of music best suited to cycling indoors(think 'Zorba the
    With live acts and Dj's have been briefed to play sets and songs that
    start off slow and build up and up and up till you need a pace maker
    to keep your heart beating quick enough to keep up with the rhythm of
    the noise, this is not for the weak of mind and body,
    this is for human dynamo's only! Music policy is tempo dictated
    therefore speed beats style so expect speed metal with hard
    trance,,Krautrock flowing into cabaret..(and that's just the Schwab

    Throughout the night there will be projections of outlandish cycling
    based imagery from around London as well as an early screening of the
    film Soylent Green.

    Date Sunday 25th May 2008

    Venue: The Old Cholmeley Boys Club, 68 Boleyn road, Dalston,N16 8JG

    Time: 8pm till 3am


    Human Dynamo costume!

    Bring a torch!! no torch no entry!

    Bands on before 11pm

    A limb of London's finest one-man band—"Boss Honk"

    Piradio Steve

    After 11pm

    Milo Speedwagon

    Les SchwaB Dj 's

    If you have a bike you are cool about lending then give me a call.

    Charlie Hope-
    Pedal Power from:

    Tell your chums - this party is the start of the revolution! UP the Revolution!

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    These swrve 3/4 pants are quite jolly - they have a cool phone poke and are available in several weaves for various conditions
    Order them direct - still cheaper than equivalent in UK shops
    Get exact waist as they come up big!

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    Ask someone at the bus stop / tube station in New Cross if they want a free ride up West and then hand them the shopper! Follow the rider and then get your bike back at the destination - wallop!

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    DT Swiss RR1.2 Aero Section Road Rims
    They are rather jolly. Take off the stickers and you got yourself some nice deep-ish rims that dont say 'steal me'

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    Just go on and do it t.o.
    It's not like you are crossing the Gobi desert or anything - if you get in a pickle - you can always get a lift and a train
    Live a little and show us losers how it's done!

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    OOh err. Plop a piece of sirloin steak down your shorts in that case - it worked for the Mongol Hoardes.
    And take an umbrella.

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    That will be an ace ride. Normally the wind direction is from West to East - maybe you could train it to Bristol then ride back to London. You will probably have wind on your back and have the nice bit of the ride early on (when you can savor it!).
    Make sure to do a few longish rides before hand - 60 / 70 milers just to get your bits prepared
    Oh! and enjoy it - it will be ace