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    Not many options available as you need short-pull brake levers.

    Shimano offers some flat brake levers for its low end road groupsets like Sora and Claris. The R550 that @Lolo recommends are best option without breaking the bank.

    If looking for something fancier (and much more expensive), then it's Paul Comps Love levers .

    On any case I will advise installation with good compression-less housing if you don't want to end up wit a terrible spongy feeling on the levers and little braking power.

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    I think the insert is B4010 for this type of dropouts. Two different finishes black anodised or silver.


    However double check either with Soma or Paragon Machine Works before you buy. Perhaps try to see if you can source it directly from UK supplier like Ceeway.

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    You can fit that 29er wheelset but the supplied tyre 29x2.36" (60-622) is too wide for the Wolverine.

    From my experience it's possible to fit up to 29x2.00" (50-622) without having to move the inserts to the rear of the dropout which is not recommended by the manufacturer as putting too much stress on the dropout area. I have found that 29x2.00" provides enough mud-clearance (not so much if using front derailleur) and the insert is just in the middle position of the dropout.

    If you want to use a Rohloff hub I will also advise to get the Rohloff-specific left insert from Paragon Machine Works.

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    For wheels I have bought standard S hooks (steel) and then twisted one end 90 degrees while holding the other end on the vise. If you want to prevent scratches on the wheel, it's not bad idea to buy some clear plastic flexible tubing of appropriate diameter and slid it on end of the S hook where you are hanging the wheel. Haven't got any pics now but you get the idea.

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    Range of movement is the same as this is defined by the H and L stop screws. The cage is the main difference as I understand it; the inner plate (The one that pushes the chain from the smaller to the bigger ring) goes a bit lower than standard road FD, it's shorter for less flex and has slightly minor radius for smaller inner chain ring.

    However, try first with your current FD as it'll probably work. Shimano indicates max tooth capacity of 14T for their FD but you may get along with bigger 16T gap.

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    IRD (Interlock Racing Design) has a sub-compact braze on front derailleur


    I have used it with a VO Grand Cru crankset with similar chainring combo 46/30. The FD cage is quite stiff and up-shifting is fine considering the huge gap of 16T between chainrings.

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    I am based in Spain. Please send me PM and can give you price for bundle.

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    Also have these items that can be included with any order at no additional shipping costs.

    • MKS CA-MX10 chain adjuster. Fits dropouts up to 8mm width. 10mm axle. Includes allen jey. New in original packaging. Price: 18 GBP / 20€

    • Halo Track Sprockets: These are great value CNC machined sprockets for 1/8" chains available in the following configurations: ** 20T x 2** New in bag. **Price each: = 8GBP // 10€) **

    • Miche Track Sprockets: Includes carrier, sprockets and lockring. For 1/8" chains available on the following configurations: 16T x 2 // 17T x 2 // 18T x 1 New. Price each: 5GBP / 5,50€

    - Pace Sportwear Cycling Caps. These are 100% cotton caps with full elastic band made in USA. Good quality caps ideal to wear under your helmet in mild / cold weather. These are new with some dust from storage. Available in following models: ** Sugino Red x 1** Price: 6GBP // 8€

    - Sugino Steel Lockring: New in original bag: Price: 8 GBP // 10€ (Half price if purchased with Día-Compe Hubs) SOLD

    - Shimano Dura-Ace Sprocket: 16T 1/8". New without box. Price 10 GBP // 12€ SOLD

    More pics can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fast_eddie­_13/albums/72157714502719567

    PLEASE NOTE: To send any of these items recorded delivery doesn't make much sense money wise. Perhaps if you are interested in various items, I will consider posting but original idea is to combine them with items on sale on the first post of this thread.

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    As part of on-going clearout from my workshop I have following parts for sale:

    • TA Specialites Alize Track Chainrings: For 1/8" chains and 130 BCD cranks. Available in the following configurations: ** 50T x 3 // 49T x 2** Color Silver. New in original box. Price each: 16 GBP // 17,50€

    • Phil Wood Lockring Tool and Lockring. You can install / remove your lockring with a chain whip or even with the very chain of your bike. Supplied Phil Wood lockring that has seen some use but continues to work perfectly. Used. Price 37 GBP // 40€

    • Dia Compe Gran Compe Track Hubs 32H Fixed-Fixed. Sealed bearings. Cromed steel axel and Nuts. NOTE: The red anodising is not identical for both hubs, slightly mismatched. Otherwise they are just as new. Price: 35 GBP // 39€

    - Dia-Compe Low Flange Track Hubs: 32H Fixed-Fixed. Sealed bearings. Cromed steel axel with aluminium nut. New in original box. Price: 70 GBP // 80€ SOLD

    - Surly High Flange Hubs: 32H Fixed-Fixed. Sealed Bearings. Long steel axel to accommodate up to 135mm rear frame spacing. It can be cut down if required. Includes Surly 19T 3/32" sprocket and locking. New without box. Price 35 GBP // 40€ SOLD

    - Dia-Compe Front Brake for non-drilled Fork: Obviously not to be used on the velodrome but handy for emergency stops if you like to ride on the road / around town with your track bike. New in the box. Supplied with the three types of adaptors for all fork blades: round, oval and aero. Price 30 GBP // 35€ SOLD

    All pics can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fast_eddie­_13/albums/72157714502719567

    Please Dibs to be followed by PM so I can keep track of who is interested in what item. I charge shipping at cost with a flat rate for UK / Central Europe: 11 GBP / 13€. Recorded delivery. Shipping costs to Scandinavia / Eastern Europe may vary. So that's the shipping cost for the fist and subsequent items you want to purchase. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Payment via Paypal. Donation to forum once most of the sale is completed.

    Check also my other sales thread. Open to offers if you want several items.