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    aha, I guess my calling them Advance Stopping Zones and everyone else calling them Advance Stopping Line is the reason I couldn't find it on the search.

    Ah well, they still right fuck me off they do

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    I looked for a thread but couldn't find one, so please delete if this is already covered

    Right, those fucking advance stopping zones, what a waste of space. They are not a bad idea in principal (let cyclists get to the front and allow us to get in position to turn right etc).

    But I reckon I can count on one hand the number of time I've actually seen a driver pay attention to them. EVERY time I pull up to one, there's some cunt in an addison lee car, or a white van, or a bus, or even a fucking police car, pulled up right in the middle of the green paint.

    Added to that, the fact that the one place they tell you to enter them (via the little lead in bit by the side of the kerb) is also THE ONE PLACE they advertise that we're all going to get killed by left turning trucks.

    Seriously, I think we should start a campaign to either police them properly (fine drivers for entering them) or get rid of the fuckers. As this half effort at the moment is frankly dangerous

    sorry, had to get that off my chest

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    People are stuck in places, not able to do their jobs and travel around the city freely. They are at risk of robbery or having their homes and cars destroyed and having their rights limited in the future.

    Which is exactly how these 'yobs' have to live their lives every single fucking day, it's little wonder they are fucked off and ready to smash shit up. Constant fear, constant police harassment, no jobs, no freedom of movement, risk of mugging or robbery etc etc etc.

    It's no surprise they are kicking off, looting and smashing the shit out of stuff. You're told that you are a mindless yob, an animal, trouble, scum often enough you act like that. Your constantly bombarded with images of the rich, and are forced to watch as the rest of society shuns your neighbourhood and it's little wonder that given the opportunity you loot the shit out of the mobile phone stores and foot locker.

    Fair enough a lot of it is being done for shits and giggles, they see that the police are on the back foot and the middle classes are scared so they kick off even more for fun. But we all need to realise there's a reason as to why this exploded, and the last few governments have simply added fuel to this bonfire waiting to happen.

    The answer to this is not more police and tougher sentences, the answer lies in a long hard look at our society and the ever growing gap between the haves and the have-nots. More equality is what is needed, not more water cannons

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    now correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to have worked.

    I spent a week popping them through their letterbox and under windscreen wipers and since then I've not seen a single one parked in the bike lane.

    I did notice that it's a single not double yellow outside their shop, and handily the sign with the times on has been removed. However the one across the street from their shop has a restriction till 7pm, so they are definitely not allowed to park their at 6pm.

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    I must admit I'm half tempted to walk back and forth across the zebra crossings in clerkenwell with a friend and a giant scaffold pole held between us, purely to ensure that some of the arrogant fucks who commute that way have to stop at a zebra once in their life.

    Every day I see them flying through and missing people crossing by inches.

    Most of all the thing that bugs me is if I stop, then I get some cunt nearly crashing into the back of me. The pedestrian starts to cross and some other cunt then flies past on my right nearly knocking said pedestrian over.

    Drives me up the fucking wall