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    It will be the same as a no-logo, create or teman. No experience necessary.

    Pay extra for good tyres and ride slowly.

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    Last year was a Sunday so the afterparty wasn't a late one.

    No plans for the next day just yet.

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    Half the men's tickets have been sold inside 24 hours, and that's with an extra 60 tickets this year compared to last year. Don't leave it too late to secure your place on the start grid. We'll be doing an A final and B final this year, so there's something for everyone. We're hoping to have an A and B final for the Women too if we get enough entrants.

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    A quarter of the guys tickets have been sold already.

    Be quick!

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    Canada Heights, Swanley, Kent. (Sidcup and district MCC) Canada Heights Button Street, BR8 8DX Swanley
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    Thanks to all who made THUNDERCROSS great by racing, spectating, and helping!

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    Men’s Race:
    1st Jon Dennis Kibosh Racing
    2nd Jeremy Durrin Neon Velo
    3rd Michael Butler Hargroves Cycles
    4th Sam Holder Das Rad Klub
    5th Grant Leavy Das Rad Klub
    6th Indra Kin Cycles
    7th Adam Parkes RMNC
    8th Chris McGovern SURE/IDGAF
    9th Howard Stredwick LFGSS
    10th Steve Revill-Darton Sunday Echappee
    11th James Cuff Das Rad Klub
    12th William Hibbard Das Rad Klub
    13th Jess Baines –––
    14th Stuart Lynn Dulwich Paragon
    15th Max Geddes Elf Huez
    16th Alan Wylie –––
    17th Chris Cornish Rock-a-Hula
    18th Rudy Melo The 5th Floor
    19th Jon Steel Das Rad Klub
    20th Nickolaj Kennet –––
    21st Matt Noble Vicious Velo
    22nd Peter Horrell LFTC
    23rd Michael Lane NLTCBMBC
    24th Ollie Den Rock-a-Hula
    25th Ben Unsworth Pearson
    26th Mitch Ward Edwardes
    27th Sam Collins Islington CC
    28th Greg Hilson Islington CC
    29th Henry Summers NLTCBMBC
    30th James Morris LVCC
    31st Tony Hopper Charlotteville
    32nd Martin Hawker –––
    Prime: Jeremy Durrin

    Women’s Race:
    1st Louise Heywood-Mahé Les Filles RT
    2nd Charlotte Heywood-Mahé Twickenham CC
    3rd Adeline Moreau The 5th Floor
    4th Aoife Doherty The 5th Floor
    5th Lan-Lan Smith LFGSS
    6th Kristina Matovic NLTCBMBC
    Prime: Louise Heywood-Mahé

    Anything Goes (only top 8 sorry):
    1st Matt Noble Vicious Velo Gears
    2nd Will Fox ELF Huez Gears
    3rd Kris Snell NLTCBMBC Single
    4th Sam Hanks ––– Gears
    5th Daniel Rudd LFGSS Fixed
    6th Ellis Lewis FDJ Gears
    7th Tom Robinson London Velo Brakeless
    8th Ieuan Jenkins ––– Gears

    Hell Climb:
    Sam Holder Das Rad Klub
    Adeline Moreau The 5th Floor

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    Ten minutes left in the main race, its going off!