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    In case it helps anyone in any way.

    I'm 33, solid organ transplant and immune supressed. I had AZ Saturday about 3 weeks ago, 1pm ish. Smooth process, no real waiting around, friendly volunteers and staff.
    Felt fine all day, woke up on Sunday feeling like I had a cold - sluggish, slow/foggy brain, achy, decided to lounge around on the sofa instead of going out riding (boo!). Because of immune suppression the back end of colds usually linger for a week or so, but I woke up Monday morning 100% - it was like magic, never known anything like it. No fever or chills, just lost 30-40% of my energy and drive like a cold.
    I believe I had CV in April 2020 before tests were available. Transplant community are pretty chatty and it sounds like the people who have had the strongest reaction are those who suspect they've had it/tested positive at some point in 2020.

    On a last note, I had an honest conversation with my transplant team as my heart failed due to autoimmune issues. I was advised to go for the vaccine.

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    advice pls guys:

    I stilt the smallest amount of coffee on our airbook. I immediately turned it off, upside down, airing cubard, 4 days and turned it back on. It will only open in safe mode and won't recognise our password.

    In the old world I would have popped into a mac store and played it safe, but not in London anymore and our local store is Cribs Causeway and as someone who's meant to be shielding I thought I'd try to sort it myself/locally first. So forum is my first port of call.

    Google has a few ideas:

    • change the password via the admin back door
    • change the apple store password
      Opinions online also say the generic, 'if you get it wrong you fuck yourself' and 'take it to your local mac store'.

    Anybody been silly enough to spill anything on their mac? Is it worth IYO trying to sort it myself or is it worth biting the built?
    We have a local high street 'any computer issues fixed' type place but never had a single issue with any of my macs until not so slightly unconvinced....

    Any help appreciated.


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    Going to drop you a PM Zebra re physio

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    I'm with spinout. TR is a great resource. Prob does make majority of people faster, prob does lead to some people struggling. There's element to consider outside of the plan.
    I use the workouts to build my own training plan based on what i know and understand of my own physiology, what I can absorb, how fatigue builds and how i need to recover and what I need to have in a plan to help me move forward. Some of these things I've learnt from going too hard or not hard enough. It's an OTP service, can always be adapted to fit the rider.

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    Chad is leaving the company due to his partner taking a job somewhere else in the country... or maybe he just had a heads up the vid was going to drop and was trying to get ahead of the curve.

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    Sounds like excuses ;)

    @hillbilly It's been ages mate, I'll def show my face at a leaving party.

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    Meet you at swindon and ride the last leg together?

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    Hey Zebra,

    I had a total left hip replacement 14 weeks ago. I had to have it due to AVN, loss of bloody supply and subsequent necrosis of the femur head. This is commonly caused when the vein gets damaged during a fracture/break nr the femur head. This would have been what they were trying to avoid for you - having lived with it for 3 years, I can tell you you've done the right thing. Hip replacements last a super long time now too. Uncertain what caused mine.

    As a point of reference I had a posterior approach procedure. I chose this on the advice of my surgeon. I was sent home with no movement restrictions and have been fine without raised seating/bed etc.
    I got so much conflicting reports when I looked into recovery times, rehab principles and how to reintroduce training. I think every situation is different but I've tried to give a quick overview of my last 4 months as reference.

    The first 2 weeks I focussed completely on recovery, eating really well, resting as much as I could, and physio 2-4 times a day. I didn't sleep great - discomfort from the hip and spacey from pain meds. Physio felt awkward and uncomfortable. This did improve over time. 3x short walks a day building up from 5mins - 30mins. I was off crutches pretty quickly. Def by end of 2nd week.
    Diet isn't to be overlooked IMO. I eat a low-GI diet anyway but I fiddled it to make sure it was really low GI and kept carb intake low and the inflammation around the op site disappeared really quickly - obviously swelling at the incision remained.
    My surgeon told me I'd be back on the turbo after 2 weeks and I didn't believe him. He was right. I started doing 30min sessions with no resistance after 2.5 weeks and started to rebuild.
    I did 4/5 weeks of base work. Keeping the muscles active, base cardio and keeping my legs moving for long periods of time. By this point I could take the dog out for 2 hours of hill walking. Needed to rest the hip after a walk but no pain.
    From there it's just got better and better. I am better than I was pre-op in many ways.

    I think the key things for me were diet, keeping as much movement in the day between rest periods as possible, and physio - abduction work, S&C and don't ignore your core. I'm a sucker for routine too so I still got up with my partner and prepped lunch whilst she was working and stuff, I also after about 2 weeks let myself enjoy the forced recovery and time away from work. Have fun with it. I found that a high energy/active day could be followed by a tired/sore day and I slowly got used to it and let go of continually trying to improve on my physio or whatever little goal Id set for myself.
    Goals is a good one too. Sadly this wasn't my first rodeo with surgeries, but I've always found that having little achievable goals post-op keeps me feeling like I'm progressing and have a little bit of control over the situation, can be simple shit like, I'm going to make all the coffees today or whatever. Just having to get up multiple times, stand up, balance whilst, moving around the kitchen can be properly tiring but keeps you moving and helps immensely.

    I wrote more than I planned. Let me know if you have any specific questions, or feel free to get in touch etc. Hope it's a smooth recovery mate!

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    True enough. For all his cycling knowledge (road) and love of the sport (road) he is a very dismissive person. I feel like you may have been watching it wrong if you feel cynical... conversation topic for the next ex-polo turbo waffle party.