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    I've dropped the price to £225. Are you tempted?

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    This is still currently available.

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    Now SOLD.

    Complete On-One Pompino for sale with Midge Bars. 57cm, XL frame (in the photo it's set up for me, 6'4" tall).

    This is from 2007 although it hasn't had a huge amount of riding considering - it's in great condition for its age, with only light wear here and there (some of the tubes etc were covered with electrical tape which helped).

    More photos here.

    Last year it had a new rear cog, chain, brake pads and the bottom bracket was serviced. I've only ridden it a couple of times since then so it's a lovely smooth ride, with some shiny new parts, which makes it even tougher to part with :)

    I think these are roughly the original specs, but the Pompino for sale has 135mm rear spacing so there are differences. In addition to that, it's had the new parts mentioned above, mudguards, rear rack, pedals and toeclips/straps.

    The rear mudguard is held together with gaffa tape and the rear rack is pretty battered, but you may not want those anyway - it's up to you, but I have no need for them so they're included. It'd probably look better without, but makes for a good commuter as it is.

    I love the Midge Bars btw - nice angle for the hands! See the other photos to get a better idea of the shape.

    Here's the current Pompino page for sizing info.

    In the photos there are two rear cogs - the currently unused one is the original, but it wouldn't budge when the new cog was put on so the wheel was flipped round.

    Collect from Barbican or Shoreditch. Was £250, now £225. NOW SOLD!

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    Thanks Don. To confirm, those are the dimensions inside the D? i.e., how much space there is?

    Just checking because the general dimensions given for width and height (like on Kryptonite.com) are the same, and I'd assumed they were the overall, outside dimensions. Which would make the inside very Mini indeed!

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    Could someone with a Fahg Mini post the internal dimensions of the lock? i.e., the width and length inside the 'D'. I can't find them anywhere (and have found differing sizes for the outside dimensions) and want to check if it'll fit round my road bike rim, tyre and ugly-but-practical mudguard. Thanks!

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    The seatpost is SR Laprade. I'll add it to the listing.

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    THIS IS NOW SOLD. Thanks.

    A complete bike which I think is from the 1970s, although possibly early 1980s (the 531 decal looks different to most 1980s ones I've seen though). It's in good condition for its age and has a lovely frame.

    I bought this on eBay recently, planning to use it myself, but the seller wrongly said it had a 25" frame, when it's actually 22.5". So it's too small for me, and I can't be bothered with packing it up and sending it back to the numpty. So, I thought I'd see if anyone here fancied it.

    • 57cm / 22.5" seat tube, c-t
    • 57cm / 22.5" top tube, c-c
    • Reynolds 531 butted tubes
    • 12 speed
    • Campagnolo front and rear mech, and shifters
    • Raleigh 610 Weinmann centre-pull brakes
    • Selle Royal suede-type seat
    • SR Laprade seat post
    • Maillard hubs, 27" Weinmann rims
    • Michelin World Tour tyres (they look barely used)
    • SR pedals
    • Lugs for fitting mudguards

    There are a few scratches here and there, inevitably given the age, but generally the frame looks beautiful (see photos). I think these are all the original parts, except probably the tires. I've only ridden it round the block but gears and brakes seem to work OK, although I'm guessing it hasn't been ridden for a long time so could probably use some attention.

    One caveat - there's a bit of a rattle from the rear hub, so maybe that could do with looking at.

    Otherwise, this looks lovely and I wish I wasn't quite so lanky so that it fit me!

    £150, pick up from Barbican or Shoreditch. Any questions, just ask!

    One photo below, and plenty more here.

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    Anyone know where I can get some Powergrips? They used to have them on Evans' website, but they seem to have disappeared (and people in Evans' shops don't have a clue what I'm talking about). Ta.