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    The birdlime stops the parakeets flying away which allows the hawks & owls to eat them.

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    How do I get rid of the parakeets outside my window which wake me up at sunrise every morning? I've tried plying hawk, falcon and birds of prey noises from a speaker but this doesn't work. I'm reluctant to shoot them with a BB gun.

    bird lime


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    how does one get rid of tennis elbow as quickly as possible?

    Two weeks complete rest

    If it doesn't go or if it comes back


    Be grateful its not golfers elbow which takes years to rehab

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    Did the humour work? Did they give up trying to rob you? Like I said, sometimes laughing at agression is the best way to diffuse it. When I'm being tailgated by drivers, sometimes I wait till we stop and ask why they want to be so close to my ass. Not sure I'll offer a blowjob to the next gang of youths that hurl abuse at me on the street, though...

    They never robbed me. They turned out to be a right laugh.

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    There's a difference between being confident enough to defend yourself and lashing out at people whose behaviour you dislike.

    Spot on, Dublinkevin.

    Ha, I now have quite a comical image of myself running away every time I meet a tory or a chelsea supporter.

    I have been physically threatened, mugged a few times when I was in my early teens, and attacked on the tube once. The latter was because I am a transvestite, I think he felt threatened by my ambiguous sexuality. I avoid violence these days simply by avoiding confrontation, holding my head high, not acting like a victim and laughing at people's aggression, whether I am in drag or dressed normally. I have not had to run away from anyone in 11 years. I think pursuing a violent confrontation when it is unnescessary is the lowest kind of stupidity there is, especially on a bike.

    I did jujitsu for a while and the sensei nearly dislocated my shoulder so I quit. It's rock climbing and bikes for me, from now on. I have nothing against boxing or martial arts.

    What do you call it when you have a cock, tits and you wear a dress?
    Well many moons ago two of whatever they are called tried to mug me up in Charleston South Carolina. I'm like Iadies all I got is shrapnel I spent the rest on drugs so how about a blow job instead? They are like what you are going to give us a blowjob? I'm like don't be soft you're going to give me a blow job...!!! Anyways to cut a long story short violence is just one option sometimes the way out is to make love not war.

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    ^Not sure if serious.

    All this boasting about violence is really pathetic. It's like I just walked into a steroid filled gym populated by slack jawed, spotty youths.

    Not boasting just playing, my philosophy is that a gentleman should be able to handle himself, like I said I don't throw punches on the street but I do attend a boxing club and have done for many years, you should try it before you knock it ......then next time you meet someone unpleasant you won't be forced to run away

    As to parallel cycling, well I have cycled for thirty five years including eight years as a London courier, so I am from the old school